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Anonymous at 2004-02-17 5:50 pm
Holy wow. There's a plethora of amazing TF news being reported all over the net! I don't even know where to begin!
* Check out the totally revamped official Hasbro TF site: It's got oodles of new graphics, character profiles, toy photos, and character drawings... Have fun! There's a LOT to see there! Including this exerpt I found particularly interesting. The new profile for Energon Starscream: "STARSCREAM has been reborn and is still caught in his own personal battle of choosing the side of good or evil. The high dose of ENERGON, which brought him back to life, has also given him incredible powers that he is learning to control. Starscream's new hyper power turns him into pure energy, allowing him to ghost from one location to the next. This phantom ability, combined with STARSCREAM'S new power sword, makes him a dangerous adversary to all that oppose him, including MEGATRON."
* You can also check out this link for the first pictures of the all new TF: Omega Supreme! among others!

* As if that wasn't enough! Be sure to check out's coverage of Toyfare 2004 Woah nelly! W/ photo gallery here! (Did you know that that wicked lookin' kick arse hydrofoil Mirage is an ULTRA?! AWESOME!)
AND, for more super high rez pix of everything from TF snowboards to Omega Supreme... check out Ben Yee's gallery of images from Toyfair '04... What an amazing assortment of new Transformers glory to behold...! Great job everyone! This is Transformers and the fandom at its best!

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