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Perceptor at 2004-08-02 10:05 am
Just got back from OTFCC, what a great show! We'd like to thank everyone that stopped by and said hello! It was great to meet everybody! Thanks also to those who supported our efforts by picking up an En Cube pack, Unicron stand, etc...
We SOLD OUT of our Accessory Packs (#1 for Beast Machines) AND Unicron Stands! I know that BBTS has a few remaining Accessory Packs (Despite what the page says right now, keep checking! When those are gone, they're gone.) And also for those that couldn't attend the convention, stands and cubes. FYI, we are considering another production run of Unicron stands. We'll keep you posted.
I'll try to get our pix, movies & commentary of the convention up in the next few days.

In the meantime, I thought I would point out a very cool thread going on now on the Don Murphy (TF movie producer) message board. The question is, "Choose ONE non G1 character you'd like to see in the (movie) line up and explain why..."
You can see our posting on page 16. My vote? Since there are no beasts and no dino's (they have already specified this quite clearly). My vote is for RATTRAP in a pre-BW auto-mode! The talented, wise crackin', Autobot tough-guy w/ NYC accent as a GARBAGE TRUCK! Heck, w/ vice grip trash combactor in back, his name would still apply! Imagine Starscream getting his foot caught in it as it stars clamping down!! (original cartoon TFTM homage!!!) How cool would that be!?!? C'mon people, cast your vote and make your voice heard!!! :)

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