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Anonymous at 2004-07-28 4:16 pm
AWESOME!! TF live action movie producer speaks! For your viewing pleasure, I thought I would post a few direct quotes from Don Murphy, one of the film's producers!

"The Transformers Film that I am doing with Tom Desanto is still on target... We are going to get this film right, and follow the classic mythology of the show and the comics. Everything you post on THIS MESSAGE BOARD is read and discussed by us. That is why it is here. We do not always have time to reply- but your voice is listened to!...

"Zemeckis is in no way involved-... We are staying focused on the original mythology. We are working to get permissions for REAL vehicles so that Bumblebee turns into a VW for example. Steven (Spielberg!) is COMPLETELY behind staying true to the mythology- no supersoakers. Hasbro has exerted a ton of pressure so that the film happens QUICKLY!

Many things to answer here on the fly. There's a s***load of rumors that you guys take as facts out there. There are NO voice actors yet. There may be soon. I will personally make sure that our director considers Frank (Welker) and the gang. I think celebrity voices for a film like this is moronic.
Someone out there is telling you that there will no be toys for this movie from Hasbro? Dream on. That's the very reason they WANT a film from Steven Spielberg!
NOTHING is decided. IN MY OPINION knowing how Hollywood works---
1- I do not see mass shifting happening. ((I think he is referring to mass size change happening, change like soundwave transforming from a thirty foot tall robot to a cassette player small enough to fit in the palm of a human's hand!))
2- I do not see a giant robot turning into a cassette player.
3- Hasbro will not have a toy that turns into a pistol. (ie expect Megaton with some kind of cool vehicle for an alternate mode, no guns. Remember how goofy Armada Laserbeak looked as a result of making it NOT look like a gun that really was a gun!))
4- I just saw the robots in SKY CAPTAIN at Comic-Con- we want ours to be the opposite of those. Personalities!
We are NOT doing anything to do with Beasts and Dinos and s**t!
I think Soundwave is the burger with cheese and sauce. I think his "tapes" are badass. ((sorry I don't understand this reference. Does anyone else out there??))...
Keep talking- you can tell we are really listening. The next few weeks will have us, ala X MEN, decide on 7 core members of each team. Desanto will be there to make sure we stay true. Your input is NOW...!!!

WOW so what 14 Transformers characters would YOU like to see? Here is my response!

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