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Perceptor at 2004-12-18 11:45 pm   (site update)
Wa-Hoo! Our news engine works again! We are so terribly sorry for the delay. Let me get you up to speed, our page went down, you know about that. Well, we had recent data back-ups of CPs and other site updates. However, we did not have a completely up to date version of our database engine. As such, about a months worth of page updates and news postings seem like they were never reported.

Most of the relevant page updates were in the 2003 section, including newly (at that time) added character pages for: Mini-Con Teams: Adventure, Air Assault, Night Attack, Sea,AirMilitary,Emergency,RoadAssault,RoadWrecker had been added. Just before our site went down I had announced the additions of new deluxe Armada figure character pages: Blurr with Incinerator,Optimus Prime with Over-Run, and Sideswipe with Nightbeat. Whew, that gets us caught up w/ where I left off w/ page update announcements! Pleanty MORE to come soon!

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