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Perceptor at 2004-12-25 8:12 am   (site update)
MERRY CHRISTMAS! To those who celebrate it and Happy Holidays to those who don't or celebrate something else!

For your viewing pleasure, I'm unleashing my all time favorite! It just might be the best character page we've ever done! Just the way it should be! UNICRON! We waited 17 years for this masterpiece of a toy. Sure you've seen it, but did you know it won all kinds of Awards? Did you know there was a full length feature article written on the making of this toy in ToyFare Magazine? You've seen the toy now you can get the rest of the story... Each of the two large toy pix are in kick @$$, sweet "image map" format! Meaning that there are 27 hidden, high-rez close-up pix of each region linked to by clicking the specific area of Unicron in robot mode and 19 "regions" in planet mode. Can you find them all? :)

This page also includes a compliation of the best images from the cartoon series, the comics, character bio, abilities and weaknesses from Dreamwave's MTMTE as well as the reprinted articles mentioned above. Hope you enjoy the visit as much as we enjoyed organizing it all together. Take care all and enjoy your Holiday Season!

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