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Perceptor at 2004-07-06 10:00 pm   (site update)
Nothing terribly major here, however my "To Do" list of housekeeping odds and ends has been building up so I thought it was about time to get to it!
* G1 Megatron and Soundwave pages have repaired links in the 1984 TF section.
* text and other corrections made to Energon Scorponok character page in 2004.
* I had it pointed out to me once that in the 1997 character page for Machine Wars Optimus Prime I had transformed the battle platform a bit wrong. Well I noticed him on display at BotCon 2004, took pictures and updated his character page.
* Updated of pix of Battle Trap and Flywheels (of toys in much better condition than my own...) posted on their character pages.
* Added Concept Art 1 & 2 pictures and commentary I saw at Botcon 2004 for Beast Machines Cheetor in the 2000TF section.

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