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Anonymous at 2004-06-03 7:03 pm
Regarding my last posting about TF: Energon cartoons, I was very relieved to learn the following! Thanks to and for the heads up! Toonzone has listed airtimes of new TF: Energon episodes. All airtimes are at 6:30am EST
June 29th - #12: The Crisis of Jungle City
June 30th - #13: The Enemy is After Kicker
July 1st - #14: Energon Grid
July 2nd - #15: Rodimus; Friend or Foe?
July 5th - #16: Go For Unicron!
July 6th - #17: The Return of Demolisher
July 7th - #18: A Tale of Two Heroes
July 8th - #19: Battle Stations
July 9th - #20: Alpha IQ: Identitty
July 12th - #21: Shockblast's Rampage

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