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Perceptor at 2004-02-06 1:15 am   (site update)
Okay, I admit, I make mistakes once in awhile! Thanks to all for keeping me on my toes! :) I've taken care of several general (and overdue) house-keeping items people have pointed out. Thinks like:
*There is another Sideways in the TF universe besides the armada version.
* I forgot about the other Laserbeak (besides original & Armada version.)
* Other appearances of Bumblebee in the TFU, including a cool Japanese retool I was not aware of w/ remolded head to look more like the show.
* Oh, the broken link works again and the Land Military Team page is back up. * Various other minor corrections in the G1 Minibots pages already released. *AND the last of the two G1 Mini-bot pages are up for viewing: the 1984 originals: WINDCHARGER and GEARS. Have a great weekend!

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