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Perceptor at 2004-06-30 8:59 pm   (site update)
Better late than never (sometimes I wonder if that should be our official website slogan! LOL! :) You can check out our Botcon 2004 REPORT! That first link covers all the basics like: breakfast/exclusive, our table, cool costumes, a few of the exhibits in the art room, panel guests pix/info aaaand SOUND FILES from the PETER CULLEN. All I can say about him, is what a relief! Frankly, I wouldn't care if the guy who was the voice of Megatron was a complete jerk (pardon the pun). But it's just great to see that the guy who is the voice of OP, the voice of my childhood is a humble and really nice guy! :) Also be sure to check out the Gallery for rare TF toys I whipped up too.

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