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Anonymous at 2004-04-16 2:21 pm
We are HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE, (finally!) now carries both our Figure Stand for Energon/Armada Unicron AND now also our FIRST Accessory Pack! Each pack includes: 2 swords & mount bracket for Beast Machines Cheetor, a stand for Blackarachnia (Universe or Beast Machines), a stand for deluxe Thrust (also works on the basic version of the toy) and a vacuum metalized Key to Vector Sigma
This pack was formerly sold online for $6 per part * 6 parts = $35. It's offered on BBTS now for $19.99. CLICK HERE TO ORDER! Keep in mind, this is a VERY limited quantity item. There are less than 100 packs left and when these are sold out, they're gone for good. We will NOT (beyond a shadow of a doubt, NOT!) be making more! :)

AAAAND, on this front, in the next week or 2, WE WILL BE MAKING A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT A NEW PRODUCT OFFERING...!!! We've been working on this for quite some time and WE ARE FIRED UP!!! Ee-HA! :)Happy weekend everybody!
-Lukis Bros.

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