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Perceptor at 2004-02-03 6:39 am   (site update)
* 2 confirmed sightings of Energon: Landmine at a Texas Walmart (thanks to transfandom for the heads up). so keep your eyes peeled and report those sightings!
* Also, Speaking of the Hartman Brothers...! In addition to oweing them a debt of gratitude for starting the phenomenon known as Botcon, we'd like to thank them for another reason. When we were just fledgling web designers, beginning the task of creating character pages for EVERY TF, we (ahem) cut a few corners. :o ! That is, rather than taking original pix of all toys, sometimes we took scans from magazines. In many cases, scans from Tomart's AFD with pix they took of their own toys. (an aggregious sin we're not proud of. So thanks for the 'loan' guys and thanks for not holding a grudge!) For example, this was our 1984 character page for the G1 oritinal mini-bot Brawn. WELL, another of many projects in the works (for awhile now) is to give a face lift to all those 1st character pages we did. Today you'll find the first, revamped page for BRAWN and BUMBLEBEE. They contain all new high rez toy pix and screen captures from the cartoons.

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