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ROTF toys - old faces, new forms

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2009-01-24 11:51 am
The-Arker has images of several new toys for the ROTF toyline, all of whcih are new versions of charatcers from the first film.

First up is an all new, never-before-seen figure of Bumblebee. This new BB is a Voyager sized mold with a transformation that gives him a visually-different appearance in robot mode compared to his previously seen Deluxe figures. He also seems to be able to finally have his Battle Mask flipped down over his face. But that's not all. In a move that is quite similar to BinalTech Asterisk, this figure comes packaged with an all new Sam Witwicky driver figure. Yes, that's right, Sam gets to drive Bee! Which actually makes sense becasue the name of this "Screen Battles"-esque  set is "Human Alliance".

Second on the list is a slight redeco of Voyager Optimus Prime from the first film's toyline, and an all new molded Starscream.  Both seem to have some Cyberglyphic symbols added to their decos, with Starscream's being the more noticeable of the two. Check out this pair here.

Finally, the last new figure is Ironhide. Same mold as the first film, but in a somewhat new deco and all new giant cannons that strongly resemble the ones he had in the first movie. It also looks like they got rid of his older toy's cannons and replaced them with these new ones. You will also notcie a new insignia on his side door. Only time will tell what it means.


Cheetor2 said,  - 2009-01-24 12:33:07
So many toys, so little cash. I'll have to get the new BB and Starscream for sure. All 4 toys look great though.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-01-24 13:13:16
New twists on old molds. Again!!!

Same with the 25th Anniversary Joe stuff (even thought for Hasbro they're trying to get mileage out of some molds). Somebody name at least ONE figure in that line whose mold for any part of his or her body HASN'T been reused.
Bruiser said,  - 2009-01-24 13:38:49
I like the look of the Ironhide deco. The insignia looks like an army units design but the pic quality isnt there to see which.
Perceptor said,  - 2009-01-24 17:41:25
YES! The new movie Starscream hands!!!

My only disappointment, is that the new Starscream isn't *LEADER* class! Other than that, looks GREAT!
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-01-24 18:29:08
Perceptor! You're here! Can you tell us what is wrong with the site? Why is it acting up when one uses Internet Explorer? (and a LOT of us do)
Sidewinder said,  - 2009-01-25 13:12:06
I am intrigued by the updated body of the new Starscream. It looks good. I'm on the fence about the new Optimus (Voyager Class) and the new Ironhide. I can't see any real appriciable differences. I will definetly get the new Bumblebee though.
Bumblebee said,  - 2009-01-25 19:00:03
My checklist:


Optimus Prime
fallen said,  - 2009-01-25 21:46:19
omg starscream is awsome!
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