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Happy Holidays from

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2009-12-24 11:11 pm
We at want to wish you all a Happy Holidays. The year 2009 has almost come to a close.

This year, we received the final episodes of the Transformers Animated cartoon, several new toys from its toyline (more to come in 2010), the last few waves of the Transformers Universe toyline (which began in 2008 and will return in a newly-titled toyline near the end of 2010), and many great memories. Moreover, 2009 gave us the mega blockbuster sci-fi action film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, as well as its sophisticatedly-engineered toyline (which will continue with more new releases during 2010 with its N.E.S.T. Global Alliance subline).

From TakaraTomy, we gained many more collector's items from the Henkei! Henkei!, Alternity, Masterpiece, Disney Label, and Device Label toylines. As well as some exclusive and unique versions of ROTF toys such as Buster Optimus Prime, the red-faced Supreme Class Devastator, and the EZ Collection Devastator (planned for a future Hasbro release as well).

In 2010, be on the look out for more new items of the above stated series and toylines, as well as newer beginnings such as the upcoming War for Cybertron video game, TakaraTomy's version of Transformers Animated, Hasbro and Discovery's new channel deal, the next series that Michael Bell mentioned, and many more suprises that are yet to come.

Again, Merry Cristmas, Happy (C)Hanukkah,have a great Kwanzaa, St. Lucia Day, Winter Solstice, "Christmahanukkwanzaa", and all those other December holidays.

Happy holidays from your friends at

mightwork said,  - 2009-12-25 00:12:53
Merry Christmas from Australia! 2010 going to be great!
Hesky said,  - 2009-12-25 07:42:32
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
Megatron said,  - 2009-12-25 11:48:05
Merry Christmas from Sandiego, California.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-12-25 12:04:58
Happy Channukah from Washington State!
RCBOT59 said,  - 2009-12-25 14:17:21
Merry Christmas everyone. Can't wait til next year. In East Newark ,NJ
Wheelie is my Name said,  - 2009-12-25 18:43:26
Merry Christmas.
I got ROTF on DVD and Leader Class Jetfire for Christmas.
CapnScumbone said,  - 2009-12-25 19:48:29
And a good Festivus to all as well.
mightwork said,  - 2009-12-26 01:52:57
I managed to get a great christmas haul this year! ROTF Megatron, Jetfire, Skids, Devastator, legends Sideswipe and Universe 2.0 Onslaught! I hope everyone else had a great christmas aswell.
Bumblebee said,  - 2009-12-26 07:35:58
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!
I got leader class optimus and jetfire, and they are great!!!
safeguard900 said,  - 2009-12-26 16:33:13
Merry Christmas!!! I got a warriors from 3 worlds transformers set!!!!
cyberwuss said,  - 2009-12-26 21:05:30
Got a huge haul of Rotf Devastator and the released individual constructicon 4, target bruticus, deluxe gears, and an autobot logo tshirt.
JOSEPHRILEYBOOM said,  - 2009-12-27 07:57:47
i got stalker scorponok, the fury of fearswoop pack,walmart ex.ramjet , mixmaster , and leader megatron with camshaft
Saberfrost said,  - 2009-12-27 12:40:55
Merry Christmas from Louisiana! I got Deluxe Swerve and transformers pajamas and my brother got, universe blaze
, 3 warriors from 3 worlds, the fury of fearswoop, and deluxe dead end I hope everyone had a merry Christmas
Perceptor said,  - 2009-12-27 19:06:02
...and all those well wishes go triple from us! Thanks for all your efforts FOU's. And thanks to all our site visitors for hangin' with us. Merry new year to all.
Bellprime said,  - 2009-12-27 20:03:23
Merry Christmas! I got An Optimus Prime blue sweater from my mom. Also got a Kup blue sweater.
The Captain said,  - 2009-12-28 19:59:52
Oh, sorry. I didn't realize Hanukah was copyrighted until I saw the (c).
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-12-28 22:56:24
No, I did that because it can be spelled both as "Hanukkah" and "Chanukkah". Some use the C, and others don't, so I used both by placing the C in parenthesis. Besides, don't copyright symbols usually go AFTER the copyrighted words instead of BEFORE?
Slashwing said,  - 2009-12-30 12:30:42
Happy new year people!! may this year be the best and luckiest of them all.
Saberfrost said,  - 2010-01-01 21:25:52
Happy new years I hope this year is better then the last :( But my favorite part was when I was in D.C. on a school trip I bought ROTF on DVD everyone LOVED it
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