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Animated Transformers: There may be hope yet! Discovery and Hasbro Team up!

Posted by:
Jason at 2009-04-30 12:16 pm
In a very unexpected move, Hasbro publishes a press release today that announces that they will be teaming up with Discovery Communications in a "Joint Venture to Create Television Network Dedicated to High-Quality Children's and Family Entertainment and Educational Content." Brian Goldner states “We believe the time is right for Hasbro to take the next step into television through our partnership with Discovery Communications,”

Wow, very this is exciting news for TF fans, who have been plagued for years by ridicules airing time schedules, and unfortunate lags between show air dates and the toys' shelf dates. This new "step into television" as Goldner states, could be the answer for Transformers getting the programing attention it deserves. Could this mean a revamped version of Transformers Animated on a new network? Could this be the answer to all of our hopes and dreams for that amazingly well conceived, designed, written, and executed series. Only time will tell.

Update:  After reading the press release, go here to listen to
the "Hasbro and Discovery Communications Announce Joint Venture" webcast conference call (click on the mic icons to listen). In the webcast we learn that TFA will not be airing on this new network, due to Cartoon Network having the rights to rerun the series. Hasbro will however be opening up previous Transformers series for re-airing, but will be primarily focusing on a new programing. Goldner states that there is a new Transformers series in the works for the Discovery Kids Network coming in 2010.

What do you make of this? What are your hopes and dreams for the Transformers brand on TV? Sound off in the discussion/comment thread below, and let Hasbro know what you think of this big news.

lord megatron said,  - 2009-04-30 13:37:43
Oh, WOW! Didn't see that one coming! While not being a big fan of Discovery, I am a strong supporter of most of Hasbro's motives so this might be good!
I'm hoping that this "rumored" series in 2010 will be a follow-up of the occourances in animated or maybe something entirely new! I personally, would LOVE to see some Beast Wars on the air again. I think that if this decision was made that it would attract a larger audience of both younger and older viewers.
Agent X said,  - 2009-04-30 13:59:25
hell next series on a new channel

what i want to see is them bring over Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo

or even re-air RID
Lawson said,  - 2009-04-30 14:09:33
TFA Is over look at the name of the last 2 ep's End Game. Just like in the last ep's of BM.
Lets allso not forget that tfa was only made for 6 year olds. This new show is for 14 year olds. This is a new show thank primus. The one bad thing is we have to wait over a year to see it. But Botcon is coming up. Maybe will find out what it's about & the name of the show.
DocWho said,  - 2009-04-30 15:35:03
This is beginning to get on my nerves. For me, some of the television I grew up on is pretty much either going down the drain, or ending. Doctor Who is on a hiatus until 2010 in the UK, and no word as to when the US is going to pick it up, if ever. Monk is ending permanently with the second half of the last season premiering in 2010 as well.. And now Transformers. Having to wait for the TV I like may not guarantee I come back.

The thing that makes me mad, is that it's going to work with me.
megatron said,  - 2009-04-30 18:25:10
way off subject . have any of you had a problem with you're omnibus war within book? my book is coming apart at the hing !
hot rod said,  - 2009-04-30 19:07:54
they should totally bring back a beastwars version but with animated style
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-04-30 19:22:47
Okay, if the economy survives, this may be a BIG money maker for Hasbro. I don't see Mattel doing anything like this (and a lot of people know how awful the Barbie movies are).
someoneisback said,  - 2009-05-01 14:31:24
So, does this mean the return of TF:Animated? If so then:
TransFormers: Animated
dr-fan/mai-lover said,  - 2009-05-04 19:58:10
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Finally! said,  - 2009-09-17 10:18:54
Thank god! Every good transformers series (or transformers in general) hasn't lasted more than 6 years... 14 YEARS, THANK FUCKING GOD! Hopefully it will be good though. By the way, what channel would this be in Ontario, Canada? I have digital cable.
c3nkXk <a href="">xuneerfstrnx</a>, [url=]ohhrftjmwhqs[/url], [link=]oukzohinkrew[/link],
Shel said,  - 2009-10-18 19:44:50
Man I really hope this gets launched soon. Discovery Kids right is on Digital Cable and would be pretty hard to come by on extended basic. What I really want is another cel-shaded TF show in the spirit of Energon/Armada. Call me crazy, but those shows we're fun compared to the stupidity that was Cybetron. And Animated just wasn't my cup of with the Teen Titans goofiness. I believe that I've overdosed on Stupidheroes in the last 3 years and then some.
Sandman said,  - 2009-11-10 17:28:23
I agree, Hasbro owes all of the TF fans a decent show like they have not made since they spoiled the Finale of Beast Wars/Machines and have not provided ever since ANYTHING with good taste, good dialoges and good plot like it was beast wars RID was a parody, unicron trilogy was a waste of time, specially Cybertron and animated is fun for babies but it is not what Transformers in meant to be
Hasbro has a big amount of mistakes to fix and the movies are just not enought to start with.
janeDoe001 said,  - 2010-01-11 04:46:45
A TF series... for 14 year olds. OMG! This is awesome, more mature language is sure to come and the best part is no parents can get mad is someone like Spike Witwicky swears :D

If the story is good then I shall see it but I would like more info on the series now. Just that there's a new TF series in 2010 is a good start but that's it.

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