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Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2009-01-25 1:23 pm
TFW2005 has scans of pages from three Japanese toy magazines advertising several upcoming Transformers products.

First, they have scans from Dengeki Hobby Magazine, originally from the Cybergundam blog. The first page shows Masterpiece Grimlock's waiter accessories, evoking a scene from the G1 season 3 episode "Madman's Paradise". The second page shows images of the Alternity Megatron prototype and concept sketches, Masterpiece Grimlock in Robot Mode, and Disney Label Mickey Mouse. The third page shows images of the full transformation of the Chrono Label figure, as well as the upcoming Encore release of Rewind, Eject, Jaguar (Ravage), and Laserbeak.

Next, they have scans from Hobby Japan magazine. The first page advertises Henkei Ratchet and Henkei Inferno. The second page adverises both the silver and red versions of Alternity Convoy.

Last, they have scans from Figure King magazine. The first page shows off Alternity, Chrono Label, Masterpiece Grimlock, and in-package images of Disney Label Mickey Mouse and Alternity Convoy. The second page shows off the Encore cassettes mentioned above, and the Universe versions of Ratchet & Inferno (showing that they're the next Henkei figures), and also show the Universe versions of Dinobot, Hot Shot & Jolt, and the two sets of three minibots (showing that they will also be future Henkei releases). And an image of the Henkei manga featuring Inferno.

Bruiser said,  - 2009-01-25 15:11:29
The Henkei Inferno is going on my shopping list! Looks really nice! Still think Rachet looks a bit "skinny" in his alt mode.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-01-25 15:39:50
How is Henkei Inferno different?
yoyo said,  - 2009-01-25 15:56:21
he just is thats how ??????????
Casecrank said,  - 2009-01-25 19:22:48
Jumpercliff, Henkei Inferno uses a brighter shade of red plastic for the main body, black instead of dark tan for his upper legs and waist guard, and silver chrome on the shoulder armor flaps and water cannon. There are a few minor ones, too, like transparent orange instead of clear plastic for his lightbar, and gold details on the sides of his head.
1-10 said,  - 2009-01-26 11:17:24
a this is a little off topic but...
Barricade said,  - 2009-01-27 21:38:06
I have gots to get me that Masterpiece Grimlock! It's so cool when a figure is that cartoon accurate. Think I'll pass on "Convoy Mickey" though.
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