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*UPDATED* MAJOR ROTF news, and images of a Constructicon and 1/3 of Arcee

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2009-01-30 2:29 pm
Two huge pieces of information regarding the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie and toyline have been revealed on the Internet.

First, regarding the film itself, Michael Bay has spoken on the Shoot for the Edit forums about the teaser that is supposed to air during the Superbowl this Sunday. He said it is in fact, not a "trailer" but a "spot" instead, and mentions when the real teaser trailer will be revealed:


The Super Bowl spot is coming Sunday in the third Quarter (few minutes into the quarter slot). The spot will be online a few minutes after that - The full length teaser trailer will only be on Friday the Thirteenth. It will not hit the internet until a week later. The Teaser really only teases stuff - I'm holding so much stuff back from the final trailers because I personally hate going to movies where you have seen it all.

Tell me what you think,


But what's even huger is the next bit of info regarding both the film and the toyline, reported from TFW2005. Member Sarge got some info from another member Streetfield who attended Toy Fair UK and reported the following about the movie and toyline (mind his spelling and grammar errors):

"devastor is sweet with a giant turbine sucking every thing in its path the figures of voyager class form to create 2 foot tall devastator! theres a new bumblebee toy with a human spike figure which will be first in the range,they showed an awsome battle with Captain Lennox(josh duhamel) leading a squadron of helicopters to attack decepticons and wheelie is a radio control car! who finds jet fire,witwicky family under attack in their household with the "dont stand on my grass"garden getting trashed and shot to pieces by mini decepticons who look like frenzy from the last movie,the transformers 2 and rise of cobra footage was not clear or hd quality and it still kicked ass!"

And this too:
"by the way transformers 2 will rule the year for fanboys,constructicons are badass and ther's a new girl even hotter than megan fox who is a decepticon pretender"

The first images of the first known ROTF Constructicon have shown up in two places. The images reveal that it is a power shovel whose shovel splits into arms and treads that becomes rolling "feet"/"legs". ACToys has several images on each pages of one of their forum threads. Page 1 has four  (mistransformed) images, one in the first and fourth posts, and two in the second to last post on the page. Page 2 has no new images. Page 3 has four images in the eighth post on the page. Page 4 has ten images, six in the seventh post, and four in the eighth post on the page.

The other place that has images of this figure is TF08, where there are eleven images available to view. Click here to see the images.

TF08 also has images of 1/3 of ROTF Arcee. Three bikes combine to make her. This is one of them. She looks a whole  lot less ugly than her first movie toy, and this isn't even all of her.


Sabrblade said,  - 2009-01-30 15:00:48
As for the second bit of info, here's what I think of it:

1. 2-foot-tall Devestator! SLAG YEAH!!!!! Finally someone to actually stand against the Fortress/Grand/Brave Maximus toy. But this is also not so good since my wallet will get devoured again.

2. BB toy with "Spike" figure is obviously the Human Alliance set we've seen before. But he needs to be reminded that the guy is "Sam" not "Spike".

3. Lennox + attack helicopters vs. Cons = pure win!

4. Wheelie as an RC car... I'll wait and see how he's done. As for him finding Jetfire, that could be interesting.

5. Sam's dad is gonna be really ticked off when his grass is demolished. and a bunch of Frenzy-like cons sounds like the could be Soundwave's minions.

6. They say that the girl who is the Con Pretender (Alice) and the Frenzy-like bot who attacked Sam in that car that we saw in an old image/video from a long time ago could be one and the same.
romorini said,  - 2009-01-30 15:51:01
I've been itching to see the movie constructicons together since that crazy power shovel was revealed. Knowing that he's going to be around 2 feet tall doesn't make it easier.
Overhaul said,  - 2009-01-30 17:12:50
I must have missed that one; pics of a power shovel have been released?
For the most part, most of what was said sounds good, but the idea of Wheelie being in the movie makes me cringe...

As for Devestator... I am sooo looking forward to seeing him, and hopefully getting all the component figures. Voyager class figures you say? And do I recall correctly that it was rumored to be seven of them? Expensive, but it's got to be amazingly awesome. I've been hoping for a combiner set for years made up of more than basic sized figures. Was hoping for Deluxe sized figures though...
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-01-30 17:20:21
2 feet!?? That's the same height as Maximus!
Bruiser said,  - 2009-01-30 18:11:47
I read somewhere that Devestator was going to have a deluxe class weapon making up one of the 7 'bots.

Also that various pieces of him where different classes, but then he'd look slighty...deformed lol.
fallen said,  - 2009-01-30 19:48:28
sabrblade alice and that frenzy thing that attacked sam on the car are indeed one and the same . and as for devastator i will indeed be buying him and all the deluxes,voyagers,legends,fab,leader,supreme,combiners,etc
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-01-30 20:55:20
I know. I just worded it like that in case other people weren't aware of it and didn't want to be spoiler further by me flat out saying that they are, and instead have them consider it as a possibility.

Oh, as for that power shovel thing romorini mentioned, I completely forgot about it. I'll post info on it as soon as I can.

EDIT: Constructicon power shovel images posted. As well as 1/3 of Arcee.
Slashwing said,  - 2009-01-30 22:35:02
voyager combiners!!! the decepticons in my shelf are going to sleep in fear for the rest of their existences, and Megatron is going to cry of sheer joy.
Agent X said,  - 2009-01-31 12:03:05
im still going to get the Cunstructicons, but are they going to have individual robot modes?

that toy didnt look like it

i also have a feeling that they are going to have a G1 repaint (like Jazz did) latter on
cyberwuss said,  - 2009-01-31 12:37:46
lol at slashwing's comment. I am already excited about the rumor of a decepticon pretender that looks better than megan fox haha.
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-01-31 12:42:58
You haven't seen her yet? Find a recent image of Isabel Lucas and then you'lll see what she looks like.
Autobutt said,  - 2009-01-31 14:56:27
I really hope that theyre all deluxe sized. I just think that a 2' tall TF is a little too much. In the comparison pictures shown this figure looks like a deluxe figure. Although it does look good! Is it safe to call this one Scavenger?
jas said,  - 2009-01-31 15:16:15
2 foot devastator....slag yah im going to buy him. with arcee...there better be more.
Also the con in the updates reminds me of bonecrusher from the first movie.
wasp3000 said,  - 2009-02-01 14:00:16
The head on arcee sorta look like wreck-gar
a person said,  - 2009-02-23 10:38:50
yay more combiners
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