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OMG, TFA S3 Spoilers

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2009-01-20 10:42 pm
Oh how we love the acronyms!  Check out the interesting and not-so-spoilerific update now available on the Blog of Derrick Wyatt, Transformers Animated design director! What's it all mean?  Ha, let the speculation begin!  Bo-YAH!

Agent X said,  - 2009-01-20 23:50:56
I spy with my little eye...
Waspinator's head
some ninja kid
a baby
Red Alert's arm
a rat

and thats what i see as important
TriPredRavage said,  - 2009-01-21 00:38:22
Woah, Woah, Woah, that Ninja kid is the Headmaster Jr. of Squeezeplay (Cancer) from Transformers: Masterforce. Interesting developments...
Sidewinder said,  - 2009-01-21 00:47:31
Well, the baby is probably Spike and Carly's kid (since in Season 2 they needed to be recklessly driven to the hospital by Ratchet). If Laserbeak is there, then Soundwaves a sure thing to come back. I'm curious about the engine and the mechanical part next to it.

Theres a mouse, a hint at Rattrap? And are we going to see Blitzwing sans his helmet (that's got to be freaky). Either thats a mail box or a paper shredder. If it's either and it transforms, I will laugh long and hard.

There is also that leg, sans outer armor. Thats interesting to me. Less interesting is the "karate kid". I have a feeling we're looking at yet another lack luster human villain. While I appreciate the change up every now and then, they really need to step it up with their human villains. Who's been threatening. I mean really threatening? Meltdown and the guy who took over Sumdac Corp. Headmaster is as hench man and really can't hold his own unless taking cues from someone. Beyond that, its been pretty lame. Lets see an update of like Circuit Breaker or someone from G1.
chrombot said,  - 2009-01-21 01:49:02
That red thing in the bottom middle almost looks like a leg. It's got a foot and some kind of knee hinge.
Kilotron said,  - 2009-01-21 04:50:53
could that red leg have something to do with cosmic rust? i dunno why but i just feel it in my servos.
Bass X0 said,  - 2009-01-21 05:17:30
"Lets see an update of like Circuit Breaker or someone from G1."

Someone from G1? How about a fan favorite human Destron from Masterforce then?
ilovetransformers said,  - 2009-01-21 07:18:15
This is what i see.

1. Spike and Carly's kid.
2. Blitzwing's helmet.
3. The antidote tha Optimus Prime used to cure Bumblebee and Prowl when Blackaracnia was trying to get back to normal.
4. Laserbeak(They did say he was going to be in Season 3)
5. Another one of Porter. C Powell's "helpful" design"s.
6. Ninja kid looks like a villian
7. Waspinator's head.
8. A test Rat.
9. Lugnut's Missle hand.
10. A robotic foot(Another Megatron made Robot.)
11. Looks like and engine laser. it has three points like it will plug in. Probably another upgrade from Rachet.
12. Porter. C Powell is up to his old tricks.
13. I don't know. A cybertronan Popcisle?
ilovetransformers said,  - 2009-01-21 07:31:05
1. The red thing looks like the antidote that Optimus prime had to use on Bumblebee and Prowl. The Pink thing on a stick looks like a cybertronan popsicle.
sean said,  - 2009-01-21 07:38:04
i engine block. prehaps a(nother) car

the red thing may be the hate plauge
Perceptor said,  - 2009-01-21 08:52:19
Naw, I think someone nailed it earlier, the red thing look like the hand replacement piece on Armada Red Alert. Could be a nice carry-over/homage component for the female Red Alert that's part of Rodimus Prime's gang.

No one has mentioned the awesomeness of the Energon Popsicle! Cool!

Ratface has to be a hint/homage to Rattrap. I think it's pretty unlikely that Rattrap will make a comeback, but hey you'd hear no complaining from me!

Yeah, that engine thing is pretty cool lookin' wonder what that could be? hmmm.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2009-01-21 09:39:57
The baby is Daniel's baby sibling who was born on the episode "garbage in, garbage out".

Is that a tank like mailbox?

And in the bottom left could that suggest we're gonna get a new Lugnut toy? It does look like his fist/forearm is shooting a projectile.

That energon popcicle looks good enough to eat.

What is that thing next to Powel and the red leg? Could that be a stolen Autobot engine?

We now know for sure we'll see laserbeak in here.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2009-01-21 10:40:27
I see:

1. A baby that is obviously Spike and Carly's new kid
2. Blitzwing's helmet
3. Red Alert's left arm tool
4. The Lazerbeak guitar
5. A mailbox automaton
6. KYANSA (Cancer)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Waspnator's head missing some parts
8. A mouse/rat (could be Rattrap related)
9. Lugnut's arm launching its hand as a projectile
10. An x-ray of a robot's leg
11. An engine that looks quite familiar somehow
12. Porter C. Powell sporting a new fur coat
13. Energon Popcicle (ON A STEECK!)
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-01-21 15:52:10
What's with these guessing games they're playing at us????
Autobutt said,  - 2009-01-21 16:09:59
I think the engine block looks like an upgrade of Ratchet's EMP blaster. And Jefafa Dunham xp
Casecrank said,  - 2009-01-21 17:20:59
CANCERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! Man, I should've known this would happen, Wyatt said he was interested in some of the Japanese-only cartoons. But here we have my favorite Masterforce character! Sweetness! I hate to be pessismistic, but I have to say it's probable that he'll just be an extra or at the very most a walk-on.
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-01-21 18:14:27
Well, I really wouldn't get too excited over these. After all, Wyatt said:

"Actually, these would be the most minor spoilers humanly possible. Some are so incidental they have no bearing on the plot at all. Blink and you'll miss them!"

So really, some/most of these all are likely just cameos and easter eggs for the season 3 episodes.
hot rod said,  - 2009-01-24 10:55:03
cant't wait till season 3 then all our guesses and questions will be answered
if you kepp scrolling down theres weeljake and procepter
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