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Autobot Targetmasters

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2009-02-27 10:30 am   (site update)
The Autobot dual Targetmasters were some pretty nifty toys for their day, that unfortunately were really not supported enough in Transformers fiction.  Check out all new pages for LANDFILL, QUICKMIX, and SCOOP.  You'll find they are now available for your future reference and viewing pleasure in the 1988 Transformers Section.  Have a nice weekend everybody.

Sabrblade said,  - 2009-02-27 14:51:21
I'm not really getting much out of these guys. I didn't grow up with them, so that might be one reason why.
Bass X0 said,  - 2009-02-27 15:09:19
I liked these guys a lot and still do. They're sturdy enough to allow my four year old nephew play with them without being worried that he may accidentally break them or mark them. I wish G1 toys could be repainted for the modern day, I'd love to see these three as Long Haul, Mixmaster and Scrapper with G1 accurate color scheme for the vehicle modes. I'd definitely buy them.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-02-27 17:24:14
I like these guys. I think that the first Targetmasters were uneven in numbers, and came up with a little solution of my own. You guys remember how Starscream DID get his body back in the episode "Ghost in the Machine" and was floating out into space? I think he could have been the sixth Decepticon Targetmaster to even things out. I even have a name for a Nebulan who could've been his partner: Windbag.
Overhaul said,  - 2009-02-27 21:28:44
As I recall, Starscream had only gotten his body back, and was flying in space... when he wound up flying into the path of Galvatron and some of his troops, with Galvatron ordering him to be killed again.
Although... I'm positive from Galvatrons' recent encounter with the Autobots' and Unicrons' head, he and his troops were left with inactive weapons, so maybe Starscream DID survive. But, he did wind up dying at some point before the Beast Wars characters left Cybertron, since Starscream was left as a ghost.
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-02-27 21:36:34
Some people think the BW episode "Possession" took place prior to the "Starscream's Ghost" episode. but there's really nothing to support or deny either side.
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