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Derrick Wyatt IMterview 2

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2009-04-13 10:44 pm   (site update)
The Events and Interview Section has been updated with Part TWO of our "IMterview" (that's Instant Messaging Interview fyi!) conversation with Transformers Animated Art Director, Derrick Wyatt.  New info, new insights, new characters, teasers and more await!  And in case you missed Part ONE, take a few moments to check that out too!

Sabrblade. said,  - 2009-04-13 10:53:14
Great IMterview once again.

Bit of an error: "...Team Charr and Stryka's legion."
Team Chaar IS Strika's team.

Dirge can't be the Female clone, as he's the Glutton Clone.

"All Rodimus Prime's team survived." HA! In your face, ~DESU~!
starscreamer said,  - 2009-04-13 11:36:51
HA I KNEW IT !!!!!!!! i knew that rodimus's team survived!!! i just knew it.
starscreamer said,  - 2009-04-13 11:43:55
hey sabrblade when does the rotf preview wave figures supposed to be released?
Perceptor said,  - 2009-04-13 14:04:30
Who cares?! I just want more ANIMATED!!!! :)
starscreamer said,  - 2009-04-13 18:58:33
im just curios on when the preveiw wave figures are supposed to come out. i mean it's no big deal or anything.
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-04-13 19:58:21
They come out later this year. I don't remember the exact date, but it could be anywhere from late May to August. This is just my guess.
starscreamer said,  - 2009-04-13 20:00:44
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-04-13 20:08:52
Your welcome, and don't type all caps for the whole post.

On topic, should we be expecting a Part 3, or is this it?
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-04-13 22:40:05
Sweet relief!
Perceptor said,  - 2009-04-13 23:02:31
There might be a part 3 IMterview after Season 3 airs... But don't hold your breath, LOTS of other stuff to get to first.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2009-04-14 10:27:01
But, season 3 has already aired.
Perceptor said,  - 2009-04-14 10:51:06
After season 3 (all 13 episodes) airs in its entirety... after ALL of season 3 has concluded...
lord megatron said,  - 2009-04-14 11:55:14
I really hope that this isn't the end for animated, but with all evidence to the contrary, my guess isn't too far off. (sigh), I wonder if this series will get a follow up sort of like how Beast Wars got Beast Machines and how Armada got Energon(which isn't the best example of a sequel, but a sequel nonetheless).
Sabrblade. said,  - 2009-04-14 13:42:56

Also, the bots that were seen as head buts in "Five Servos of Doom" were as follows: Springer, Sky Garry, Devcon, Yoketron, Dai Atlas, Heavy Load, Star Upper, and Roadhandler.

Other non-seen ones were Ultra Magnus, Star Saber, Tap-Out, Kick-Off, Grandus, Motorarm, Powerhug, and Road Rocket.
starscreamer said,  - 2009-04-14 22:02:22
hey there is new toy listings at
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