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First peak at many new ROTF figures at Transformers Collector's Club

Posted by:
Jason at 2009-02-14 3:51 pm
Only minutes before  Hasbro's official media guest tour at Toy Fair 2009, the Transfomers Collector's Club website unveils a bunch of official Hasbro pictures of ROTF related products! Check out the previously see Hasbro press release (this time with pictures) here.
Of note in these first never before seen pictures are:
-Deluxe Constructicon: Rampage - bulldozer (new movie charactor)
-Deluxe: Breakaway - jet (possible new movie charactor)
-4 New ROTF Robot Replica figures
-Robot Heros ROTF Starscream vs. Springer (possible new movie character?)
-Robot Heros ROTF Bumblebee vs. Long Haul (confirmation of previously leaked constructicon concept design and name)

Powerglide said,  - 2009-02-14 17:07:54
Tformers has some more pictures including one of Devestor and Skids
Powerglide said,  - 2009-02-14 17:11:18
they also changed the date of the movie to 6/24/09
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-02-14 18:16:33
Okay, NOW Devastator looks so cool!!!!
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-02-14 19:04:35
It's a shame that the 2-foot Devastator's components won't be able to transform into their own robot modes. He'll be like a Megazord or a Voltron-like robot. Or Magmatron.
hot rod said,  - 2009-02-14 20:44:58
i cant find devastator
wasp3000 said,  - 2009-02-15 11:22:35
Breakaway was a re-paint of cybertron hotshot in the reign of starscream , but now hes a jet maybe he changed his mind?
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