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Toy Fair 2009 Gallery Roundup

Posted by:
Jason at 2009-02-14 8:13 pm
Looking for pictures from Hasbro's Toy Fair 2009 Transformers desplay? We've got our own pics coming soon, but until then we can help you find and check out some other galleries that are out there.
-ASM's Toy Fair 2009 Hasbro TF gallery.'s gallery of the TF display.
-TF2005's gallery of the TF display.
-The AllSpark's gallery.'s gallery.

Autobutt said,  - 2009-02-15 13:25:13
I really like all the figures, but Devastator looks like a monster out of Scooby Doo.
Blaster said,  - 2009-02-15 13:31:05
WOW...........Just WOW
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-02-15 13:36:12
Devastator is composed of Scavenger, Mixmaster, Scrapper, Long Haul, Hightower, and Rampage. Rampage seem to be getting special treatment as he's getting a second toy as a Deluxe that turns into its own robot mode. Then there's Demolishor, who is actually supposed to be the same character as Scavenger, but his name is "Demolishor" on his Voyager class toy's box. We'll just have to wait and see which name is the right one.

Skids and Mudflap are the Twins, and now Ultimate Bumblebee has a flip-down battle mask and can play Stan Bush's "The Touch".
Blaster said,  - 2009-02-15 13:43:49
Too bad Devastator does not transform.
jas said,  - 2009-02-15 13:44:25
ok now devastator looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to get all those all I need is some money
Blaster said,  - 2009-02-15 13:46:58
Those pics were so cool!!! I felt like I had 30 sugar rushes when I saw the full trailer, I nearly fainted

TF Rules

Powerglide said,  - 2009-02-15 14:02:32
Blaster They change the date to 6/24/09
Darkton said,  - 2009-02-15 14:02:45
Okay...I'll be here for a while.

Okay, first up: ROTF. The Autobot cars look very nice. My favorite's probably Sideswipe. The Constructicons are kinda interesting, seeing as you have your individual figures and your combiner. I'm not sure what to think about the Gravity Bots, but they remind me an awfull lot like of the Cyber Slammers. Same concept, perhaps? Lastly, the redesigned toys from the last film are a bit better than the ones before, especially Optimus.

There isn't anything in the Universe section I haven't seen before, so I'll just skip to Animated. Like I said before, Arcee is definately a pickup for me, but I might get 'Soundblaster' just for Ratbat. I've already preordered Wreck-Gar, and I'm not sure what I'll do with the 'Fire Brothers'.

That's about it.
Blaster said,  - 2009-02-15 14:27:28
Hey Powerglide thanks, I didn't know.
ilovetransformers said,  - 2009-02-15 15:35:43
Nice planning Hasbro. You saved me from going crazy for all 6 constructicons.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-02-15 18:05:21
Sidewinder said,  - 2009-02-15 20:41:46
I'm impressed by the new assortment. Depending on how the other figures compare to Devastator, the Legends figures may be justified for the sake of scale. Plus, the legends look really good, like the designers took a bit more time to make sure they robot mode looked right.
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