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Pretender Monsters

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2009-08-24 6:27 am   (site update)
It has been awhile since our last character page update, so I thought I'd start the week out right!  Check out our 1989 Transformers Section, where you will find all new pages for the Pretender Monsters: Icepick, Bristleback, Wildfly, Scowl,  Slog, and (yes, really!) Birdbrain.  All of whom unite to form, Monstructor!  You thought Alice from Revenge of the Fallen was freaky?  Wait'll you get a load of these guys!

Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-08-24 11:17:42
Nasty little robo-critters, aren't they? Voice ideas for these guys:

-Bill Hader as Icepick
-Darrel Hammond as Bristleback
-Ted Biaselli as Wildfly
-Cedric the Entertainer as Scowl
-Hank Azaria as Slog
-Brian Doyle Murray as Birdbrain
-Stone Cold Steve Austin as Monstructor
Bass X0 said,  - 2009-08-24 14:48:25
I can't quite imagine Hank saying Slog's backwards but poetic lines -- "when falls tonight final darkness, another day will any of us see" -- without it sounding goofy. It was Slog's unique (for Transformers) characterisation that made me quite like the character. No other appearance quite captured Slog's short cameo in the Marvel comics. Icepick also had a good character in the Marvel comics too. Its a shame they didn't do much in the only issue they appeared in.

And talking of that issue, I like to think that the Transformers prevented the 9/11 bombings which destroyed the WTC to explain why they show in the story.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2009-08-24 15:32:37
I WANT THIS SET SO BADLY! If I could ever find it for cheap, as it sells for INSANE numbers on eBay, I'd snag it.

Oh, and I love their TF: Victory counterparts. They're too funny.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2009-08-24 18:08:22
Yes, the Dinoforce is full pure comedic win! Especially Kakuryū, who has to be simply the dumbest Decepticon ever created! He is just absolutely hilarious! He is the Curly to Gōryū's Moe.

And what's surprising is that, if one were to use the U.S. Pretender Monsters's names for each Dinoforce member, each one fits perfectly (even Bristleback, since Gairyū is an Ankylosaurus). EXCEPT for Icepick and Birdbrain, whose Dinoforce counterparts are Gōryū and Rairyū respectively. Gōryū is a T-Rex who doesn't look the least bit ice-related; and Rairyū is a "Brontosaurus" (a non-existant dino) and is neither bird-like nor aerial.

Now before anyone starts pointing out that I'm referring to their Pretender Shells instead of their altmodes, their shells were treated as their altmodes. They never assumed their true altmodes ever. In fact, they've never transformed into anything other than their robot modes and their Dinoking component forms. And yet, at the same time, their Shells can operate separately from their Robot selves, which makes the whole thing even more confusing.

Though, just how tall is the Monstructor/Dinoking mold? From what I've heard, it's smaller even than the Operation Combination/Micromaster Collection/Universe 2003-2006 Micromaster combiners, but still about the height of a small Deluxe Class figure.
Chaos Bringer said,  - 2009-08-24 19:22:14
Finally! I absolutely love these guys!

For those who want the set, you might want to know about a few quibbles.

1. Yes they are tiny. Almost Micromasters. Monstructor himself is around deluxe size.

2. Slog and Bristleback suffer from GPS. It's less common for Slog but Bristleback WILL get it. It's not a question of if it will get it, but if it won't already have it right out of the package, which isn't unheard of. You might want to consider the Dinoking version for this reason, and because Dinoking comes in a giftset and Monstructor does not.(Though good luck finding either one mint anyway.)

3. The shells become oily and develop weird spots on them. I'm not sure how to describe it or why it happens but it's gross. It actually fits the nature of the characters so you might consider this a plus but again, it's gross. This is one case where the Dinoking version isn't superior as it suffers from this as well.
Bass X0 said,  - 2009-08-24 19:35:29
Its a shame Takara didn't reissue the Dinoforce inner robots when they reissued Multiforce.
Perceptor said,  - 2009-08-24 20:50:00
What's GPS?
I always thought it stood for global positioning system!

I haven't had a problem with oily shells on mine U.S. decepticons. the dinoforce dudes. That is some organic weirdness going on there, which I cannot explain. It's like, I cannot even touch them without leaving a fingerprint on those shells! yikes.

You can see the wacky spots CB mentions in the Wildfly pix page. Also very odd. Not oily, but a crazy spots!
TriPredRavage said,  - 2009-08-24 22:33:04
GPS stands for "Gold Plastic Syndrome." It refers the the tendency for figures molded in gold plastic to be brittle and break easily. I owned BWNeo Randy for all of three minutes once. Then he died a horrible painful death due to GPS. True story.

I don't think that the Birdbrain name is all that big of a deal when it comes to the Dinoforce simply because, as far as evolution went, birds are relatives to dinosaurs, so it's really just tit-for-tat at this point.

I didn't know brontosauruses (brontosauri?) didn't exist. When did this discovery (or undiscovery) happen?
Sabrblade. said,  - 2009-08-25 08:22:18
Yeah, it's the Apotosaurus that's been confirmed as the real "long neck" dino. I dunno when it happened (my guess would be during the 90s-early 2000s, or so), but it's been said that a "Brontosaurus" isn't a real dinosaur (even if Rairyū and G1 Sludge turn into them - although, IDW depicted Sludge as an Apotosaurus, so that's fixed only there).

The figures known to suffer from GPS are:

G1: BlackZarak, Bristleback, Roadblock, Skyhammer, Slog, Killbison, Skyquake, Pyro/Spark

G2: Electro, Slingshot

Beast Wars: Grimlock, Randy, Silverbolt/Skywarp, Soundwave, Torca

Non-TF: Serpentor

For a more detailed description and anaylsis on Gold Plastic Syndrome, see here:
Overhaul said,  - 2009-08-25 15:28:45
These guys did look pretty simple while I was looking at the pics. But an example of more characters I think would transition well to the Classics/Universe 2.0 line (although yes, it's on hiatus this year).
I'd also like to see a new mold for Bludgeon, complete with shell.
But it does amaze me how this set seems to be so sought after yet, be so small.
Sabrblade. said,  - 2009-08-25 19:11:59
ROTF Voyager Bludgeon would suit as a good Classics/Universe Bludgeon.
dr-fan/mai-lover said,  - 2009-08-26 07:38:57
Overhaul said,  - 2009-08-26 15:16:39
ROTF Bludgeon? He actually does look very Classics-like.
BTW, anyone read the IDW Spotlight issue featuring Optimus Prime, with Monstructor as the villain of the story?
Chaos Bringer said,  - 2009-08-26 19:20:50
Actually these guys have been key players in quite a few of the IDW Spotlight issues. Unfortunately they are treated more as plot devices than characters which is a shame as their bios are pretty interesting. They'd make great characters if anyone would do something with them. I've been trying to garner support for a Classics version for years but Hasbro prefers characters that can simply be repainted from Unicron Trilogy figures.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-08-27 19:56:59
Bass X0, remember his role in Mystery Men? If he played Slog with that accent with a bit of beatnik/pop artist influence, that'd be perfect.
Bass X0 said,  - 2009-08-28 15:37:29
I never watched Mystery Men, sorry.
tf ROTF said,  - 2009-09-12 18:33:50
i herd on the commerical that they had rubbery skin
tf ROTF said,  - 2009-09-12 18:37:58
i'm getting a package in the mail from hasbro toy shop and here's what i'm getting (1.)rpm's landmine and rampage (2.) rpm's combat seires longhaul.
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