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25 Years of the Transformers - Part 2

Posted by:
Sabrblade at 2009-05-09 5:42 pm
Continuing in the TF 25th anniversary acknowledgement that DocWho previously mentioned, I have taken it upon myself to add my own piece of this anniversary notice: A look back at every single Transformers cartoon and movie from 1984 to the current present. Specifically, I have brought you a look at (almost) every single opening sequence from every single Transformers series, all from YouTube. You may view the second half of them all below:

* Beast Wars season 1 opening
* Beast Wars japanese opening
* Beast Wars II/Beast Wars Second opening one and two
* Beast Wars II movie opening (skip ahead to 3:16), click here
* Beast Wars Neo opening one and two
* Beast Wars season 2 opening and season 3 opening
* Beast Wars Metals opening one and two
* Beast Machines opening and promo (couldn't find the Battle for the Spark opening)
* Robots is Disguise opening and unused alternate opening
* Car Robots opening one and two
* Armada opening one (this one varied from the narrator & the narration) and two (The Unicron Battles)
* Micron Denetsu/Micron Legend opening one and two
* Energon opening
* Superlink opening
* Cybertron opening
* Galaxy Force opening one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine
* Transformers (2007 movie) opening
* Animated opening and extended opening

Black Starscream said,  - 2009-05-09 23:50:42
I never knew there were nine GC openings O_O
someoneisback said,  - 2009-05-10 05:44:44
If you ask me, Micron Legend has two of the best openings ever.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-05-10 11:13:39
Uh, where's the G1 and G2 themes??????????

And where can I get MP3 files of them? I always wanted to have them on my Ipod.
1-10 said,  - 2009-05-10 13:28:29
rid 2ed opening is better then the originail
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-05-10 15:00:28
I've got MP3s of all the japanese series openings and ending themes. But none of the U.S. ones (except the 1985 movie theme, I've got that one too).

If you want, Jumpercliff, shoot me an email and I can probably lend'em to ya.
Black Starscream said,  - 2009-05-10 16:20:06
Micron Legend FTW. I love the very beggining of the second intro where the G1 TF logo flies in, stays for a couple of seconds, and then turns into the ML logo. The first intro got me into Pychic Lover (band that plays the the theme). Galaxy Force also had a really good theme(ignition). I always hated the Superlink intro for some reason (even the US intro was better and it was also among my least favorite) and I could never warm up to the first JBW intro.
I wish for the 25th anniversary G1 set their making that they would add the Japanese intro as an extra feature.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2009-05-10 21:25:17
I don't want the Japanese stuff, only the US stuff. Thanks anyway. What site did you get all those from?
Sabrblade. said,  - 2009-05-11 12:20:27
Out of all these Transformers series (and those on the other page), what are yall's top three favorite Transformers series (from first favorite to third favorite)?

Mine are Beast Wars: Transformers, Transformers Animated, and Transformers: Chojin/Super-god Masterforce.
Cheetor2 said,  - 2009-05-11 18:07:21
Japanese Transformers shows have such long opening credits. They get a minute and a half and we get 30 seconds if we're lucky.
Black Starscream said,  - 2009-05-11 23:14:58
My faves are Armada/Micron, Original, and Headmasters (Although I'm sure it would actually be Victory; Better get started on watchin those dvd's)
Sidewinder said,  - 2009-05-11 23:25:45
So...I'm watching the opening to the Beast Wars II movie (mind you, this is the first time I've EVER seen this because I've stuck primarily to the American cartoons) and I find myself thinking...Why are the components of Tripredicus playing in a mariachi band just before they attack a space ship (which is designed to use sails)? Now, I am reading the subtitles, but I duely hope a lot is being missed in translation.
Sabrblade said,  - 2009-05-12 15:17:58
Those aren't the Tripredacus guys. those are the "Tripledacus" guys: the Jointron Bros, DJ, Motorarm, and Gimlet. They are three Maximals (yes, MAXIMALS) who are a bunch of Mexican stereotypes and provide some of the comedy of the series. I know it's weird but in a way it's also kinda funny.

They are separate characters from the Tripredacus Council that appeared in the U.S. Beast Wars series.
Sidewinder said,  - 2009-05-17 06:40:50
dr-fan/mai-lover said,  - 2009-06-08 20:26:03
yah naigthing-baet-g2-first-oping-vido-beides i waes-rob-i-baerily-about-masterforce&haedmasters&zone&vatory-i-got-saerwerd
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