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1985 Revamp Underway

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2011-09-22 4:35 pm
Check it out!  The 1985 Transformers Section has received the "new (format) treatment!"  Now available for your permanent reference and viewing pleasure, we have added plot summary and high-rez screen captures from each of the 48 episodes of G1, season 2.  This new database of over 8,000 images(!!!) is a great reference by itself, but you should know what's coming next; -- complete integration of images within each toy's respective character page.  (Stay tuned!)

Just how classic are all these shows?  Well, let me ask; did you think that Dark of the Moon was the first time that Megatron removed honest 'Abe' from the Lincoln Memorial, and used his stone chair as a throne?  Were you under the ill-conceived notion that Transformers 3 was the first time that Laserbeak stalked a human operative in their office workplace or Megatron schemed to turn public opinion against the Autobots, then have have them exiled to space, then proceed to enslave humanity?  If so, it's time for a G1 mythology review session!  Dark of the Moon borrowed many (most!) plot concepts from (season 1) The Ultimate Doom, (season 2) Atlantis Arise, and Megatron's Master Plan parts 1 and part 2.  

As I said, stay tuned.  A total revamp of every character page in 1985 is coming up next (and fairly soon!)

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