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Fact Sheet for Transformers: The Game, now available

Posted by:
Jason at 2007-02-15 10:36 am   (site update)
Thanks to Mr. Hess and Wood for sending us the following FACT SHEET on the upcoming Transformers: The Game.  Available this summer, released in conjunction with The Movie it will be available on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PC, PSP and NDS this summer.  We were treated to a special sneak peak at Toy Fair and we'll be posting our impressions shortly...  As always, more to come...!

lord megatron said,  - 2007-02-15 11:16:30
im gettin mine for the 360.
lord megatron said,  - 2007-02-15 11:20:04
oh yeah, and i heard that we might be getting soundwave in the sequals. it looks like he'll be a stealth bomber from the looks of it. sort of looks like the RID dreadwind kind of bomber.
sean said,  - 2007-02-15 13:17:08
ps2, psp, and ds for me
BB Is To Lazy To Sign In said,  - 2007-02-15 16:38:54
Ooohh!I can't wait, I want it so badly epscecialy since the Armada game was soooooooooooooooooo disapointing. I just don't know which to chose X-BOX 360 or PS2.
draconis of nebulos said,  - 2007-02-16 12:29:09
PS2 version for me; Hoo-rah this is a good year to be a trans-fan! Also, to lord megatron, I read somewhere from an interview (I can't remember where, sorry) that the stealth bomber is actually going to be Megatron's earthen based alt mode. Of course, we can never be sure 'till we see the movie. Oh man, it is great year...
BlackArachnia said,  - 2007-02-17 12:19:50
I am soooo geeked for the new game to come out!!! I don't have a game system BUT now i am going out to purchase a 360 FOR SURE just because this game is coming out!! TRANSFORMERS FOREVER!!!
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