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IMAX in Au, Toy prices climbing, Bay blog, Animated images

Posted by:
Knightwing at 2007-09-14 9:43 pm

Transformers will be on IMAX in Australia.  At least, it will be on IMAX in Melbourne.  As in the US, it will premire on September 21.  The Australian version will also have the extra 2 minutes of footage.

The price of toys (all toys) could be on the rise shortly after Christmas.  With recent safety scares, toy makers and distributors are greatly increasing product testing.  For the remainder of this year, it seems, they will be absorbing the extra cost.  However, after the holiday buying season ends these additional costs will have to be figured into the final price of the toys.  For more info you can read the full articles on or

Michael Bay is, for now, backing away from TF2.  He is not happy with the studios "dragging for two months" with a strike looming in the near future.  You can read his full blog entry at  If you aren't into politics, you can skip the first paragraph. has gathered pics of Transformers Animated toys from a number of sites, and placed them all together for your viewing pleasure.  Thanks to these folks for putting all of these images in one place.  Thanks to the other sites for not freaking out that somebody mirrored their watermarked images.  (watermarks still intact so everybody gets credit)

Jumpercliff said,  - 2007-09-15 10:20:02
To quote Dr. Evil-"Fascinating."
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-09-15 11:45:39
So far the only disappointing looking animated ones to me are noncybertronprime and lockdown. Also here is hoping for another arcee heh. Blackarachnia, starscream, prowl, and cybertron meg look coolest so far to me. I still want a fembot with skywarp colors in X29 mode which has swept forward wings like Starscream does in animated. Maybe if I post on enough sites a TF maker will see my post and make it haha! The name for this fembot I am thinking would be "Trauma" or "Traumatizer".
Knight wing said,  - 2007-09-15 12:15:08
It probably wouln't be too hard to make a custom figure like you want. Just buy an extra Animated Starscream paint it and replace the head.
Starscream/Ty said,  - 2007-09-15 13:39:53
1. I may see transformers in imax.

2. I just found out about increasing toy prices on another site. I think in at least 10 years or so, many prices will change.

3. Will Michael Bay make up his mind about tfs 2?

cyberwuss said,  - 2007-09-15 17:59:10
Heh I might try that as a start but I wanted something of a more female shape too but I might try a repaint of my own, never done it before but would give me something new to try.
Starscream/Ty said,  - 2007-09-15 18:42:43
Wait, more of a female shape? Sorry cyberfuser but, thats weird. Or less your an, Arcee fan. ^-^
Knigt wing said,  - 2007-09-15 19:10:11
Starscream, Cyberwuss said that his/her concept for a figure is a female. So naturally, a more shaply figure would work better. Quite possiblly, Cyberwuss is female herself. The screen name isn't excatly gender specfic. Or, maybe he just really likes female Transformers as a concept.
Starscream/Ty said,  - 2007-09-15 19:13:10
Never thought of that Knightwing. Thanks for speaking for him.
Chaos Bringer said,  - 2007-09-15 21:46:07
Great. Now figures wont even exist in my area AND they'll be expensive.
If Hollywood writers want more money then they should start actually writing for a change instead of reusing an older script or simply stringing together a collection of jokes that have already been done to death.
Still not liking Go-Bots Animated. At least the Pics arent on that stupid that refuses to load anything but a background. But I still don't trust Hasbro about the human girl. They said Kicker would be a great character and we would all love him. They said the same about the Cybertron kids. Why does everyone believe them this time? Haven't we been lied to enough?
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-09-15 22:23:39
Well, just to clarify I am male. I just think that there should be more female TFs because of natural statistics in regular animals. In most animal species the female is dominant and even in the human race there are more of them.
Also I think it would make it alot cooler with the ladies and make it harder for people to call TFs homo. Up till now we've had to say every fembot has like 100 boyfriends each. So it would balance things out alot. I know the argument could go that TFs aren't really a "natural" animal. Also I AM a huge arcee fan :p.
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-09-15 22:32:53
Also nothing against gays, one of my best online friends is, it's just to say I'm not a basher :>. I just think females could play a bigger role in TF. Come to think of it most of the human characters I could actually stand were females (Like Lori in TF Cybertron) and were close to the only ones that I _could_ stand. Actually I've been working on my concept "trauma" TF for a while now I just uploaded it to my geocities you can see a POVray rendered concept model I've been working on in spare time at
Just to make sure you know the pinkish things are supposed to be decepticon logos just I haven't had time to really detail it yet.
Starscream/Ty said,  - 2007-09-16 07:43:04
Thanks for saying your feelings, and other things, cyberfuser. But adding more female transformers to what? The movie, or something else?
Knight wing said,  - 2007-09-16 09:12:33
That's not bad for a starting point Cyberwuss. Take a hard look at customizing the Animated Starscream. It may work very well for you.

Starscream, he jsut means in general there should be more women TFs. Current statisics show that women are roughly 54% off the human population. In the animal population I belive it's more like 60-65% female. The female is ultimatly more important to the continued exsitance of the species than the male, because giving birth means more than inpregnating.

Weather or not any of that applies to TFs is anybodys guess, since they wouldn't procreate in the classic animal kingdom sense.
Starscream/Ty said,  - 2007-09-16 10:26:24
Knight wing, what the heck does that have to do with transformers?! (the birth and population part). We were talking about customizing a transformer, not woman rights. Sorry if your a woman, don't take that personal.
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-09-16 11:21:53
I really wish they would make a g2 space case KO I could work with. And I meant adding more fembots to future lines of TF. Also KW said pretty much what I was trying to say about _why_ there should be more fembots from a scientific point of view. I also think it could lead to more interesting vehicle transforms with different shapes if not happiness of male TFs in general? They seemed to be brightened up in G1 when elita1 moonracer etc showed up.
Knight wing said,  - 2007-09-16 13:25:44
I was explaining Cyberwuss's point. He was just saying that if mechinoid lifeform demographics followed human statisics, then there would be FAR more female transformers than we have seen.

And, no I'm not a girl. I'm a 32 year old male who likes girls. :)
bith said,  - 2008-04-28 18:04:02
yahhh losers
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