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TF The Game PSP Version Concept Art

Posted by:
Aaron Thomas at 2007-06-22 3:22 am
Managed to get my hands on an early copy of Transformers: The Game for the PSP. It has a lot of characters that arent in the movie and some of these have awesome concept art :). I haven't unlocked all the game's hidden goodies but below are some shots for you to enjoy. Here is hoping Hasbro decides to make toys of them all!

Wheeljack, Hound, Hound2, Shockwave, Sideswipe, Mixmaster, Trailbreaker, Thundercracker, Hoist,

Rhinox said,  - 2007-06-22 03:38:40
The shockwave appears as a boss on the other consoles.
Huba said,  - 2007-06-22 07:47:39
cool. I like some of them, but I am not at all impressed with the rest
Darkton said,  - 2007-06-22 12:57:15
Mixmaster from the Battle for the Allspark? Interesting.

Thundercracker looks a bit uglier then when we last saw him. Ah, well. It's not like good ol' "Sea Urchin Megatron".
Darren said,  - 2007-06-22 13:32:06
Where the hell is Prowl Prime's actual second in command unless you have not unlocked him yet but still he is one of the most recognized face and name in all of G1 no transformers period someone always mentions the police car the autobot insignia is a reflection of Prowl as he was the inspiration for the design as soundwave was for the Decepticon symbol
DARREN said,  - 2007-06-22 19:14:49
What am I saying? I can't speak or write English? My grammar is worse than a Dinobot.
megatron said,  - 2007-06-23 11:08:00
awsome very cool
Star.beast warrior said,  - 2007-06-23 11:58:44
Besides Thundercracker, these designs are awsome, are these guys going to be in the second movie, or possibly a Transformers video game 2.0?
Darren said,  - 2007-06-23 12:06:10
Me Darren want prowl prime in game he Darren favorite me no buy with no prowl prime game no good for fun but me still like Autobot insignia because it remind me Darren of prowl prime who is best
Dogzilla said,  - 2007-06-23 19:32:19
Yeah but Prime is so much cooler because in Generation 2 the Autobot insignia looks like him. Prowl is a prissy little goody two shoes. Grimlock is cooler (the comic book verison).
Dave said,  - 2007-06-24 17:54:00
I think it kinda sad how they have deserted the original shockwave type fell by making him into a tank, He was always a gun and in my eyes always will be, and although the old cartoon shows were never really accurate to recreate due to them increasing and decreasing in size, i think he would of looked better as some sort of cannon or gun turret.. but maybe thats just me
Dave(again) said,  - 2007-06-24 17:57:43
Oh yeah and wheres Soundwave he was always my favourite and megatrons right hand man. Hes also one of the characters thats well known, in that new transformers movie i think they have replaced him with that new kinda weird lookin boombox thing, if that is so i sure will miss him and his casettes( laserbeak, ravage and rumble) (sigh)
Mighty Maximal said,  - 2007-06-29 05:18:39
Mixmaster looks very similar to one of the new deluxes - a possible redecoration potential ???
zhukov said,  - 2007-07-22 02:34:17
does anyone know how to beat the level called "The Corporation" I'm at the objective where u have to find a new power source for the dish but if can't find it? can any one lend a hand?
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