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Movie Toys: Premium Series Pics

Posted by:
Jason at 2007-12-03 12:47 am
We've heard various news items about Hasbro's intent on releasing a "Premium Series" of Movie toys. The first two (Metallic Ice Megatron & Metallic Ratchet) were released as Best Buy exclusives. We've seen pictures of Starscream in-box, but now we get to see next to all of the rest! In a promo shot that surfaced on we get to a description of the line and pictures of Jazz , Ironhide, Leader class Optimus Prime, Leader class Megatron, Barricade, and Starscream.

Jason said,  - 2007-12-03 01:10:42
Optimus has the sword... very nice. I can't quite tell if it's just that much better of a paint job or if Megatron's head is re-sculpted. Op's looks a bit different too (longer horns maybe).
Mighty..Maximal said,  - 2007-12-03 02:15:19
It's nice to see Optimus has a sword - though it's a slight shame they did not reconfigure the storage point to fill that gap up in the back of the truck.

Barricade seems rather superflous to me - all they have done is modify his windows a bit.

I hope they alter Blackout's color so it's not identical to the Lawsons one from Japan.

Ironhide looks good - hes possibly more interesting because there seems to be less Voyager Ironhides about than some of the others.

Megatron looks better in that color Its a shame his head is still horrible though.

If Optimus gets a new head why not megs as well ?

I wonder if BB will have the new head - it's a bit odd that there will be two more "Movie accurate" bumblebee deluxes in two parallel lines though.

Part of me would rather that they ditch the Barricade and make something interesting like a green Hoist pick up repaint.

The funny thing about Optimus' head was I actually think it's better than the movie one so I'd not really want it changed.

Sabrblade said,  - 2007-12-03 05:40:28
I can't realy see the differences in most of these figures. Optimus has a sword, as already pointed out, Megatron is a bit lighter, Starscream's missiles are a different color, but that's about all I can see. What else is different?
Tyscream said,  - 2007-12-03 05:59:45
That Target deep space Starscream is mine! Or at least he will be.
Mechaburst said,  - 2007-12-03 15:40:59
No way tyscream! That metalic is mine!
Perceptor said,  - 2007-12-03 16:14:06
Overall I LOVE the leader class movie Optimus Prime. If they're going to make changes here is what I was hoping for:
--> of course, the sword, so that's a great addition.
--> forearms should be mostly red w/ flames as seen in movie. It appears they didn't make this change. Bummer.
--> improve paint detail on the nose of the truck. Especially the blue right behind the grill, I wanted that blue to be better blended in w/ flames. That changed wasn't made either
--> the upper thigh be more blue. Plates at top are blue w/ silver metal beneath. The premium version looks less like movie version to me. Not cool.
-->I want red flames painted on the blue of his inner ankles. I cannot tell if that's there or not, I'll keep my fingers crossed.
--> If they're going to resculpt head, I want version w/o mask, so as to see mouth as in the film. Bummer again.

At least the Leader Megatron appears to have the paint application we've been dreaming of... Alright!

I do like the imporved paint job on Jazz (especially notice the legs, "wheels" on side of feet, the feet themselves and the fog lights. Looks much improved.

Starscream? Eh, I cannot really tell if I like this version any better or not. What I'd most like changed here is a more movie accurate head sculpt and paint job. If it has that, then I'll love it.

Barricade, doesn't look much different/better. Only change I can see is the window, which doesn't do much for me. We'll see.

Ironhide looks nice. He needed a few more metallic blue accents to leg & torso components. Cool.

I look forward to seeing better pix!
Jumpercliff said,  - 2007-12-03 17:53:46
Well, this ought to be fun for completionists.
Darkton said,  - 2007-12-03 22:44:02
The guys at are really hounding these things. Just look at there forums. Nine pages of flame. Hasbro does something good, and they don't like it. Typical.

Well, here's what I think of it.

Prime: For a time...I considered picking up Nightwatch Prime. But now...I've decided which figure I'll get. The sword is just icing on the cake!

Megatron: Now that looks a lot nicer. I was originally thinking of getting the current Megatron. Good thing I didn't.

Jazz: Aside from it being shinier, I don't see much of a difference. Besides, Target Jazz will do just fine (which I have, BTW).

Barricade: Again, not much difference. I already have Recon Barricade anyways (RIRFIB FTW!), so I'll think I'll pass.

Ironhide: A litle shinier, and a few differences. It's a tough choice between this and Offroad Ironhide.

Starscream: Aside from it generally having a shiner paintjob, it's not all different. I'm getting Target Starscream, though, so I'll pass.

Overall, not a bad selection. Can't wait to see more!
Sabrblade said,  - 2007-12-04 05:35:01
Anyone notice that the Starscream in that pic does not resemble the Deep Space Starscream seen awhile back? This one is whitish while DSS is bluish.
Lord Megatron said,  - 2007-12-04 16:42:52
Hey Perceptor, I found out last night that I will be attening botcon this year and I was wanting to know if you guys were gonna be there. The reason I ask is because, 1. I'd like to meet the creators of the great and 2. I want to buy that golden disk set off of you guys.That thing looks wicked! great job! oh and btw, I was wanting to know about the souveneirs sets of botcon, do they just hand them out for free if you book a room in the sponsered hotel or do you have to pay an arm and a leg to get them? I plan to enter the customs contest this year with my newest one, Battlestars: Revltech super Megatron. this thing is sweet!
chicane said,  - 2007-12-04 17:57:48
I don't know.Hasbros releasing all these re-colored versions of previous toys,and we haven't got versions of missing characters>i.e. the mountain dew machine,computer,and cadillac escalade.That's what i really want.
Sabrblade said,  - 2007-12-04 21:16:54
Revoltech Super Megatron?!! Could you please show some pics for those of us who can't go to Botcon, Lord Megs?
lord megatron said,  - 2007-12-05 09:29:57
yes, I'll try to get them up soon. Btw, how do you forward images to this website? Anyways, I used a master gundam figure for my basis(body) and some parts off of other megatrons to incorperate my design. then carefully painted to perfection! paint, sadly, is not permenant, though I did manage to find a way around the paint of the joints coming off! just apply some super glue over the area were you want to stop rubbing or flaking and make sure not to get any on the other hinges so that they don't fuse together and ta da! He doesn't transform(as with all revoltechs) and he has sort of a "reborn" super megatron look to it, kinda like G1 megs as classics megs(its not the same fig but they do share simalarities and homages). Overall, he's an awesome fig for a custom. the way I designed him to look is kind of galvatronish but yet with the sanity and youth restored.
lord megatron said,  - 2007-12-05 12:42:00
btw! did anyone ever consider the chance that for soundwave's appearence in the second movie he might be Trent's "BLUE" tricked out truck and he might join trent to try and get revenge on sam for stealing his girl? just one of my ideas.
teh virus said,  - 2007-12-05 12:52:57
MAN THAT IS AN AWESOME FREAKIN' IDEA!!!!!!!!! you should write for bay or something, lol! but seriously though, that is a good point!
Sabrblade said,  - 2007-12-05 15:17:07
Except that truck was more blackish than blue. But, hey, what's to stop Trent from painting it? Like you said, "tricked out truck".
lord megatron said,  - 2007-12-06 07:55:37
yeah, I guess so.meh btw, I sent in my broken camera today and they should be sending me a new one so I'll try and get those pics on here as soon as possible!
Sabrblade said,  - 2007-12-06 15:37:43
Yay. I've alays wondered what a Super Megatron toy would look like; as well as Ultra Megs, Dark Nova, and Star Giant; were there even any prototypes for them? If so, have any images been seen?
lord megatron said,  - 2007-12-06 15:53:22
not really any toy images but there is an animated image. go to wikipedia and type his name in, you should find what you're looking for. Just wish I could get mine to transform! (sighs) Mine doesn't look excactly like super megs but like I said earlier, it's my idea of a classics version. the head I used was from rid galvatron, his fusion cannon from energon megatrons shoulder gun, his barrel on his back from armada megs' turret barrel, a display base made from some doc oc mech arms , optimal optimus' turret and war within's prime display base. There are also some extras to his set, different hands some for gripping his matrix(also included), a severed G1 devastator head that he can hold in his hand, three individual interchangable stylus' that attache to his arm(similar to shockwave), and a mace.
Sabrblade said,  - 2007-12-06 16:01:15
I know what Animated Megatron looks like, but tht's not what I asked. I asked if there had been any TOY prototypes for Super/Ultra Megs, Dark Nova, or Star Giant. Because a while back somewhere I heard that there were, but had not seen anything, so I wondered if anyone here had seen any.

Although, earth-body Animated Megs is a homage to Super Megs, so I can sorta see how you misunderstood what I said.
Mighty....Maximal said,  - 2007-12-06 19:52:20
I agree it's very odd that all those flame detail were not added to the new Optimus... especially the ones on the inner part of his shin, and other places like the loop of blue on the top of his foot and the flames on his Forearms.

I've painted my Existing Leader Optimus up a little with added flames on the sleeper cab, I painted the top of the hoods hinges red, Painted the raised area of the front grill shiny silver, added shiny dark blue to his unpainted side windows, I added a little bit of black to that small piece of unpainted plastic near his 5th wheel coupling, added gunmetal window frames, painted the blue area between his head lights silvery grey so the headlamps only show as round circles on grey, I also painted his cheek guards a slightly darker greyish metallic, I painted silver and blue running light bars and painted tail lights... I painted some of the screws red or blue, I also cleared up the unpainted areas around his smoke stacks especially the unpainted spot where the rubber piece immerges from the hard plastic, as well as painting the outer part of his forearms red.

I still may paint his inner ankle circles silver, add the blue to the top of his foot and add flames to his fore arms.

I just wish I had the guts to paint all the grey plastic silver... but I think it's not easily dueable without disassembling him.

I also painted the top of the sleeper cab and the parts around the sound button on Night watch optimus and I also did his running lights and added a few small details like one the cricles in his belly I painted them metallic brass.

I however have not added the extra grey or silver to his head as I think I prefer it plainer.
Mighty//Maximal said,  - 2007-12-06 19:53:41
The main reason I only did one set of flames other than it's fiddly is that I think he's legs are rather to red already anyway and adding blue flames to his forearms would defeat the objext of painting them red already. And they don't really fit well on the blocky shape his fore arms are any way there's not really the space for flames.

I did notice there's a small unpainted piece on the back of his right arm I may need to attend to as well.

I'll probably not paint the circles on his forearms though even though they are silver on the CGI model as I think he'd be unbalanced and I have conflicting desires to make him looks CGI like and to not make him look to fussy - CGI Optimus is a little CGI and it's arguable that less is more. That is also why I've not painted the side of his knee pads yet though I'm still thinking about it - I suspect they'd be two likely to rub during Transformation so it's probably best left partly red.

I did not paint his roof lights silver either as I liked the look of that bit off red in the robot mode better as red.

Techniclly he should have little licks of flame around his ribs but as I always like to remember "Proper Optimus'" a bit when I think of what to add - I don't want to go two crazy on the flames he'd riskening up looking like Rodimus to much. If I actually followed the CGI detail explicitly - he'd end up mainly red and mainly blue in all the wrong places he'd be nearly negative colors from the traditional blue on the bottom red on the top of G1 Optimus. and he's far to much like that already in my view so adding extra blue flames to his forearms, ribs, and red flames to his legs would not be doing him any favors I'd say.
Mighty....Maximal said,  - 2007-12-06 19:54:27
I've also added some paint to most of the Ratchet toys and a little to Blackout... Did not need to touch Starscream or Scorpy at all - some just needed the smallest touch here and there like a little extra dab of paint where a part was not extended to the full area in the color it should be... I think both Bumblebee's and Blackout are the other's I've done the most too - I wanted to break up some of that sea of black all 3 have.

And I have to bare in mind not just G1 Optimus and CGI movie optimus but also how he compares to the Voyager version and the Night Watch version which has a lot less flames on it.

Oh and I also took them both to pieces and reversed the missassembled arms and legs.

I found an easier way to do it the second time around I swapped the lower arm pieces on Normal Optimus but on Night watch I swapped the upper biscep arms left to right and that was much easier that trying to disassemble the elbows which are actually glued in place.

So If you want to do that I recommend unscrewing the top and the bottom of the arm and swapping the entire elbow assembly left to right intact.

And the knee is easy to do you just unscrew all the lower leg, and take the screws out of the upper leg as far as you can gain access too - don't worry about the ones behind the pin... then you can prise the lower part of his knee joint apart enough to slide out the knee cap and swap them over - then simply screw all the legs back together... now you have the forward pointing cylinder visible in bent leg shots of Optimus and further more Optimus gains propermotion to his knees now - they move back the full 90 degree's and don't bend forwards any more.

I can supply images if anyone's interested.

Master Megatron said,  - 2007-12-08 04:57:19
Hmm... Tough decision, seeing as I already have a Leader Prime, and Megs. However that Starscream is as good as mine. The rest, meh, with Ironhide being a maybe.
Chaos Bringer said,  - 2007-12-10 19:08:41
Does this mean I might actually get my Leader class Megatron? People will stop using me getting one as a comparison to something impossible "that'll happen the day Chaos gets his Leader class Megatron" ?

Doubt it. Stores won't have it. And the head sucks too. I hope it's just a trick of the light and angle because if the head looks like that in person I'm not getting it.
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