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Toys'R'Us stores breach contract and sell movie toys two months early

Posted by:
Nevermore at 2007-04-15 1:10 pm
Seriously. That's the only valid description for this and this incident. So don't get your hopes up too high just yet. The toys are not supposed to be out for another two or so months. If a store sells Bonecrusher, Bumblebee or Jazz or any other movie toys that are not the Protoforms earlier than June, they're breaching contract with Hasbro and can expect a nifty little fine.

Perceptor said,  - 2007-04-15 13:50:27
I wouldn't get too excited yet. There have been rare occassions where a handful of toys hit the shelves before they're suppossed to. It was probably an accidental shippment. I remember an occassion when I found a Transmetal 2 Scourge about 2.5 months before it started showing up in other stores or having *any* other sightings reported around the 'net (including other local locations of the same chain). I'd be surprised if this turned out to be more than an isolated incident or two.

Dang, how about those lucky suckas in Ohio! Hey everyone, if you find any TF movie toys, be sure to log your
and Reviews

Or, feel free to e-mail me and I'll just buy them from ya! Sheesh!
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-04-15 14:44:53
The only movie toys I'm excited about are frenzy and realgear right now and I understand you have to get frenzy with barricade or something. Also some TRU stores dont have big storage areas so they have to stock the shelves as soon as shipment comes in and that is me agreeing with perceptor.
Rhinox said,  - 2007-04-15 15:41:25
maybe,but DAMN i wish i live in america right now.
lord megatron said,  - 2007-04-15 15:43:54
I just heard news that they've also hit in Arizona Walmarts too! man this is awesome!!! cant wait till they get here! they said that there have been sightings of movie deluxe bumblebee's, Bonecrusher's, and Barricade's there and also a few Voyager class figures like Blackout and Starscream! no word on Ratchet or Optimus though. MAN I WANT MOVIE LEADER CLASS MEGATRON!!! and optimus.
Side Swipe said,  - 2007-04-15 16:19:16
Yeah, it's an isolated incident. I went to my local TRu, and the manager said it must've been a mistake. But, he was a good guy, and let me reserve Barricade and Bumblebee. (Deluxe ed.)
sean said,  - 2007-04-15 20:03:46
lets go bootleggers WOO HOO
Airraid said,  - 2007-04-16 16:09:16
Yeah, my TRU must have made a mistake. They stocked in advance but when I returned today to get Swindle and Bonecrusher, they were gone. Don't everyone go rushing out to their TRU's in an effort to get the movie TFs.
Boss Monkey said,  - 2007-04-17 10:45:22
Guys, it's test marketing as well - BELIEVE ME, been there done that, have tried to work for Hasbro for years. If these things get scarfed up in remote locations, they're going to need to order HIGH for big city's such as the TRU in Times Square.

Buzbyrd said,  - 2007-04-19 02:36:57
As far as the fine goes, they will definitely receive one. As well as ruining most Toys R Us in that area from receiving any sort of special merchandise (chase figures) of any sort. Corporations are really starting to get upset at early releases of their stuff.
optimusp13 said,  - 2007-04-19 19:45:11
The Toyrus here said they's be getting them May 1st.
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