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Blackout Gallery, Golden Disks Set back in stock

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Perceptor at 2007-04-20 10:28 am has a very nice photogallery of Movie Blackout, included you can see the toy in flight position, suspended on none other than our own Unicron stand.  Great idea! 

For those who have asked, The stand, energon cubes and the Golden Disks Accessory Packs are all in stock at BBTS, here, here and here.  (Sorry, Beast Machines pack is sold out.)

Excuse the shamless self promotion.  We try not to bombard you with too much of this.  Please keep in mind that your support in this regard means a great deal to us.  Funds from the sale of these items help us with the costs of running this site and also make possible our ability to produce new accessory sets...  More on this to come!  ;)

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