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The Voice of a Generation

Posted by:
Aaron Thomas at 2007-06-19 4:16 am
(perceptor) UPDATE2:  In case you cannot get enough Frank Welker as Megatron, check out this promotional video from Transformers The Game.  What's interesting to me here is the changes that have occurred in Mr. Welker's voice from the Megatron's sound of the 80's to now.  What do you think?  Thanks to the Allspark for the heads up.

update 1: Check out article where Frank Welker speaks his mind on how he would have played Megatron, had he been cast in the live action movie...  aaawe-shucks.  Below is a link to the youtube article he references in the interview.  Thanks to for the heads up.

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There has to be something said for the rare and extremely special mix of Peter Cullen and Frank Welker working together. Though like almost 90% of TF fans its taken me very long to get over the fact that Frank isnt in the Movie. However a video has shown up on Youtube that illistrates that he could indeed have made the new Megatron sound just as amazing as he was truely meant to be. Sorry to dig up old wounds but i just simply had to share this.

Rhinox said,  - 2007-06-19 06:16:50
why do people in india get Tf's so much cheaper than people in europe. :-(
Paulus said,  - 2007-06-19 07:48:44
Less shipping cost?
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-06-19 10:11:03
This is off topic but the arcee thing reminded me. Has anyone bought many FAB movie figs? Are they as sturdy/good as some of the normal ones. I especially am looking at FAB Jazz and FAB Brawl. Just asking because not many FAB reviews up on site yet.
KL said,  - 2007-06-19 11:12:24
FAB are more sturdy than regular ones, w/ less complex (good) transformations. I MUCH prefer the regular deluxe Jazz over FAB. Brawl is another story. FAB version is quite good, and in someways better than standard deluxe version.
megatron said,  - 2007-06-19 16:24:43
FAB Frenzy is supposed to hit retail soon, and sorry to keep this up but please for the love of god, just get a power master prime review please, you are killing me here!!!!
Knight wing said,  - 2007-06-19 18:36:38
Here you go Megatron. Powermaster Optimus Prime-This figure is an interesing twist on the G1 Prime. In this incarnation Optimus can't control all of his power by himself and requires a partner. The partner (powermaster) could transform into Primes engine. Hi-Q Primes powermaster partner would have to transform into engine mode and combine with Optimus in alt mode before Prime could transform. Hi-Q would also need to remain combined in engine mode for Prime to use either of his super modes.

This would turn out to be the first of many Primes to have a "super" mode. In which, he would combine with himself/trailer. This particular Primes trailer also has a base mode. The base mode like many through all of the Transformers lines is not really very good.

Powermaster Prime had one other feature that was unique to Japan until recently. This would be Apex Bomber. Apex could be a seperate functioning truck or a second trailer to PM Prime giving him a double trailer alt mode. Apex was a "puzle-former" rather than a true transformer. Meaning, you take him apart and reassemble him to change modes. Apex along with his own bot/alt modes had a third mode this would be the super-super mode (there never was an American name for it). In Japan this was God Ginrai mode.

Powermaster Prime/Hi-Q & Apex in any mode had all the posablity one could expect of a G1 toy. That said at the time of it's release as compared to other tfs of the era it was a great toy.

I hope this helps a little Megatron.
Perceptor said,  - 2007-06-20 19:23:12
This is worth it's own news item, but since this link is already up. Thought I'd post it here.. Thanks to for the link to a dialog with Frank Welker... Gee, hate to admit it, but after I hear his point of view, I really wish movie megs was Welker...
transformersloversurvive said,  - 2007-07-06 16:26:44
in the 2007 movie autobot jazz gets killed by megatron it is very sad
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