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Classics Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp, Cliffjumper, Ramjet and wave 2 Mini-Cons out!

Posted by:
Nevermore at 2007-01-25 4:39 pm
It's been a while, but... New toy out in the USA!

TFW2005 member and former staff member Tim Formas found the Target exclusive Classic Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp "Battle for Autobot City" two-pack at a, well, Target store in the Chicago area and provided a photo of the store shelf in question here. Ultra Magnus is a straight repaint of the Classic Voyager Optimus Prime toy, wheredas Skywarp is a repaint of the Classic Deluxe Starscream toy. Remember to report your own sightings of the two-pack here.

Meanwhile, Toy News International member bluecyclone reported here having found the new toys from the third and last wave of the Classic Deluxes, namely Ramjet and Cliffjumper, at a Wal*Mart store in California. Ramjet is a remold of Starscream from the first wave, whereas Cliffjumper is a straight repaint of Classics Bumblebee, with no remolding whatsoever. Remember to report your own sightings of Classics Ramjet here, and sightings of Cliffjumper here.

Lastly, TFW2005 member Cataclizm1 found the second and presumably last wave of the Classics Mini-Con assortment at a Target store in Manhattan Beach, California, and provided the receipt photo here. All three teams feature entirely new molds: The Clea Skies Team consists of Steel Wind, Thunderwing and Nightscream, the Dirt Digger Team consists of Oil Slick, Grindor and Dirt Rocket, and the Predator Attack Team consists of Snarl, Overbite and Dreadwing. Thunderwing and Dirt Rocket were already available with a Wal*Mart exclusive packaging variation of Primus featuring four of the new Classics Mini-Cons, although they were named "Nightscream" (!) and "Offshoot" in that case, respectively.

Remember to report your own sightings here: Clear Skies Team, Dirt Digger Team, Predator Attack Team.

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