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Are you the biggest TF fan?

Posted by:
Knightwing at 2007-03-27 7:32 am
There are two contests running right now to find the biggest TF fans out there.  The first is being run by   Yahoo is taking video submissions from March 26 to May 14.  There will be 3 winners.  The winners get to fly to LA and watch as ILM puts the final touches on the movie.  You can cilck here for all the details.

The second contest is being run by  This contest is being sponsered by Toyfare Magazine.  Some prizes include a TF shopping spree, TF exclusives, and being made part of the upcoming documentary "Transform Me!"  All the needed details are on or have links on their home page. 

I would like to belive I'm a shoe in for either of these contests.  But with only about 250-300 in my colletion I stand no chance next to many of you.  Oh well.  The Lukis brothers can win they deserve it.

Lord Megatron said,  - 2007-03-27 09:11:42
I would someday hope to be the biggest Megatron fan but probably not the biggest Tfan. I've already made my custom Megatron suit for this years Botcon and I dont know what to do with it after botcons over with, do you think anyone would buy it on ebay? It's a nice custom made of a little bit of smelterd metal from my dads work and some c-board but fits great and has working electronics.
lord megatron said,  - 2007-03-27 09:28:17
Also, another thing if anyone has any ideas, what is your personal point of veiw on g1 trypticon because I was going to maybe order him offline. just wanting to know if he's worth the money.
Knight wing said,  - 2007-03-27 10:48:34
Yes, someone will defintaly buy your costume on ebay. Just make sure to put your hight, weight and measurements so people know who it will fit. I imagne it doesn't adjust too much.

I don't have a g1 trypticon. But in general, g1 toys are what they are. If you're asking how it would compare to something off the shelf in the last 3-4 years, it would be a huge disapointment. If your asking based on g1 standards, it's probably pretty good. Keep in mind the g1 stuff has limited posablity and relatively simple transformation.

You could aslo get a Gigatstorm. He was a very slightly retooled Trypticon released in the Beast Wars the Second line. He might be a little cheaper on ebay. You can get info on the differneces at
lord megatron said,  - 2007-03-27 11:02:35
Thanks knightwing, I like the G1 figures and I wasn't even around when G1 came out and I still LOVE the figures. I have been wanting a base transformer figure for quite some time now.
Knight wing said,  - 2007-03-27 12:55:01
In that case it's just a matter of preference. If Trypticon tickles your fancy then so be it. Personally I'd go for Metroplex. But either way, it shouldn't run you much over $100 on ebay.
Boodah the fancy said,  - 2007-03-27 13:09:20
I think that I am the biggest fan out there!!!! in fact the only tfigure that dont like is Masterpiece Negatron!!!
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2007-03-27 17:15:13
IDK the Lukis Bro's competeing that's really cheep all they gotta do is show their site to the judges and they win. I mean they got a team of three all I got is a team of 1.5 and how many of us have two other bro's that love TF's.
TriPredRavage said,  - 2007-03-27 19:51:51
I don't know. I've got a pretty formidable collection, but it's not really "Ultimate Fan" worthy. Personally, I think knowledge proves the bigger fan than the collection. I'd say the bigger fan is the one who knows the most in contrast to the one who owns the most. After all, Knowing is Half the Battle.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2007-03-27 19:57:01
Ha ha ha ha! What ever you say "G.I.Joe"
TriPredRavage said,  - 2007-03-27 20:52:14
Bet I know more than you, BB. That's right, I went there.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2007-03-27 21:08:06
Oh ho ho! so were back to this huh well why dont you sign on to AIM so we can finish this in real time.

Screen Names:
Blasten Blaster: (also avlible on "Windows Messanger")

Knight wing said,  - 2007-03-27 21:19:45
TPR and BB, you two need hobbies, or your own special site for slinging mud at each other. =) At least it's funny.
lord megatron said,  - 2007-03-28 08:49:25
thats excactly what i said a few days ago.
Perceptor said,  - 2007-03-28 13:46:42
The "biggest" transformers fan? Sheesh, there are some whoppers out there and I don't think I/we (Lukis bros.) would win in *any* category:

KNOWLEDGE: It was a couple of botcons ago, someone was hosting a "TF Trivia" contest and I was invited to play. I got my butt kicked after only a few rounds by (a great guy, knowledgable TF fan, Harold T.) because I couldn't name (and he could) the object of Starscream's desire in the G1 TF comic #50. Now what the hell was that thing called again? Underworld? or Underbase??? something like that... Shoot, with his careful attention to detail, I'd bet site contributor Nevermore could take me down in a trivia contest w/o breaking a sweat.

COLLECTION: Well, if this is a single fan competition, I only have 1/3 of all Transformers I know of. That is, "my" collection is divided between me and my 2 bros., which means spread over 3 different households and over 2 different states. I've met people who have multiple versions of the same toy, such that they can display each toy in *each mode*... (Yeah that's right, 6 sixshots, 3 blitzwings... I also know MANY in box TF "completists"... I have very few of those. The vast majority of our collection is lose and played with (sticker wear...) On the good side, we do try to have "all"... well almost. (Do animorphs, Star Wars TFs, 3" titanium count???... :)

TIME SPENT ON TRANSFORMERS: Well now, here's a category I think I can compete w/ the best of'm in. Especially if you factor time spent on this site... Trouble is, it's impossible to quantify and yeah again, time and effort committments are also divided among me, bros. and FOUs... Besides that, I think Ben Yee would have me trumped if it could be quantified. Think about the time it takes to write all of those reviews. JEEZ, it makes me tired just thinking about it! He'd probably win in a landslide.

I could talk about ability to quote every line from TFTM, BW, many from Beast Machines, and G1 cartoon, even a fair number from the Cybertron series. But then, I know I'm not alone in this category either.

MONEY SPENT ON TRANSFORMERS: Well, we're definitely up there. Especially if you factor the thousands we've spent to manufacture TF Accessories... But I know some people, who I'd bet have spent more. Especially if you factor collectors who's sponsored their own independent conventions... They've lost more than I! Plus, I've never spent gobs of money on any single Transformer (like the guy who recently put down over 2 grand on a MISB Soundwave on ebay... Ouch!

How about quantified in terms of lifestyle... Well, here's a category I'm glad to say, I'm *not* the biggest TF fan in. I know guys who spent SO much time/money/energy... on TFs they've wound up in divorce court! (Thankfully, my wife hasn't filed for divorce *yet*! :)

Okay, so to me the more interesting question is, what does it mean to be, "the biggest" TF fan???? What category (or combos) are most important?
TriPredRavage said,  - 2007-03-28 16:16:16
I honestly believe the most important catagories would be Knowledge and Collection. That being said I am not the strongest competetor in either catagory. If it went strictly from Beast Wars, I'd be in there, but even so, I'm missing a bunch of the Predacons. I have a lot of Armada as well. Would DVDs and such contribute to the collection as well?
Knight wing said,  - 2007-03-28 17:27:56
The way I read it, in either contest it's an over all thing regarding TF. My entire room, dvds, posters, comics, knowlege, and anything else you have/do TF related.

The one contest is looking for "good" TF stories for a documentry. Picture in your mind the moive Trekies. I found it to be remarkably funny and sad at the same time. They did have some normal people in the mix, but many of them were way off the deep end.
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