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Comic news Jan 3

Posted by:
Byrerprime at 2007-01-03 8:55 pm
Comic news

G.I. Joe vs. TF: Black Horizons #1 (of 2) ships this week. Catch the five page preview. Anything can happen when the G.I. Joe team and the Transformers meet, and this time - everything does! Joe Colton and Bludgeon! Colonel Hawk and Destro! Optimus Prime and Flint! And, waiting in the wings: Unicron and Cobra-La! No holds barred in this new -- and bizarre -- chapter in the war between worlds! Part one of a special two double-sized issue extravaganza!

Also, the Generations trade paperback ships this week. It collects the first few issues of Generations, which reprinted the early Marvel TF stories.

Check out this month's other comics from IDW here.

Nevermore said,  - 2007-01-03 18:19:19
The red spot is supposed to tell you "DON'T BUY THIS, THIS IS STOLEN FROM THE FACTORY AND NOT A RETAIL PRODUCT". Because the prominent "NOT FOR SALE" markings obviously haven't served much purpose in the past few years.
Perceptor said,  - 2007-01-03 22:10:59
Please disregard the above commentary! It really made sense w/ another (deleted) news item... A small bug in the program. Oh well, no one's perfect. :)
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