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Blasten Blaster at 2007-05-24 5:18 pm
That's right's new addition's are: Toy gallery (A.K.A. "Transformer products"), Action toy arena which is just like the old one but this time you don't get to choose when or what mode(s)  they turn into. There's also two new games: "Video mash-up" and "Flight of Bumblebee". Last but not least is the video gallery, all videos serperated into "Movie Trailers & More", "Commercials", "Transfomrers Webisodes".

Chaos Bringer said,  - 2007-05-24 18:15:15
I just checked it out this morning. Pretty cool. Unfortunately the stop-motion transformations are so quick that you can't really follow the steps of the transformation. Although, I have to admit that they really knew what they were doing with those videos. They actually convinced me that Leader-Megatron is awesome. That thing looks to be of the same quality as Leader-Prime. i can't wait to see its page when gets one. Hope you find one soon!
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-05-24 18:19:19
Do they have the episode where Starscream gets the Omega Lock in TF: Cybertron? Probably my favorite from that series. Also I think I will boycott that Hasbro put up some G1 shows on the site as webisodes.
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-05-25 11:19:43
Went to Dollar General today and saw they had a new stock of universe spy changer TFs for 2 dollars each. I got 4 of the set: Optimus Prime, Camshaft, Mirage, and Hoist. They also had Jazz and Prowl. My favorite of the set is Camshaft because his bio calls him a ninja scout and he has cool clear plastic colors.
JetFire said,  - 2007-05-25 15:21:11
How did u find those? Id think they would not be in stock any more and by the way flight of the bumblebee=awesome
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-05-25 21:09:05
I posted because it was a new shipment of them and they will probably be out in more of the stores. I say this because it wasn't like 5 or 6 of them but like half an aisle of spy changers. So it looked like a recent thing and its a DG near where I live that I goto alot, the last stock of TFs they had was the 2 energon aerialbots with energon signal flare and the wide load + recolored energon saber minicons and cruellock box.
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-05-27 08:48:17 just added the target exclusive basic repaints of arcee, hardtop, and signal flare + new stratego game.
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