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Transformers Movie Opens (U.S) Nation Wide

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2007-07-02 9:00 pm
For fans like me, it feels like a day I have looked forward to my entire life.  TRANSFORMERS opens nation wide today and it's now time for us fans to do our part.  See the movie!  See it more than once and bring lots of friends and their significant others!  If you host a post movie TF-theme party (like us) shoot us some pix and we'll get them up on the site!  Most of all, enjoy the experience.  It's a great time to be a fan!

>>We're just getting back from a long day of travel and have much to report from our trip to Botcon.  Great stuff so stay tuned.  After we enjoy the holiday and catch our breath we'll have our complete report uploaded for viewing.

Blasten Blaster said,  - 2007-07-02 22:16:40
I got the day off from work tomarrow so I could stay the whole day watching the movie (if I can get a ride).
black convoy said,  - 2007-07-02 22:29:07
its about time!!!!! the rest of the world have already seen the movie (most countries opened the movie last june 28.) So, all of you loyal tf fans go out and see the movie!!!!! tf rocks!!!!
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2007-07-02 22:40:50
Hoodimus prime said,  - 2007-07-02 23:12:05
Just got back from the movie and WOW plot is ok but the transformations WOW Megatron had my doubts about him but when the big guy first showed up 2 10 year olds ran out of the theater screaming that's when I knew Megs would kick ass Prime has some great lines which had us fan boys screaming and chanting all and all best movie experience of my life
Scorpomike said,  - 2007-07-02 23:29:50
Seen the movie tonight! A few famous lines. Plot was okay, the action was awesome! I will see it again in the theater. The story behind it was really simple. There was a little humor in parts. This is a movie for all fans of Transformers no matter what era you grew up in or are still growing up. I did see a few parents leaving with their little kids in the middle of the movie. They didn't come back in. Buy a large popcorn, this show is a little over two hours. I'll have to say, you do get a better story out of the video game. There better be a sequel!
Trax said,  - 2007-07-02 23:56:24
I thought that the movie was great. The action sequences were intense and exciting. There was enough humor to keep the crowd laughing.The transformations were really fast and the sound effects relly took me back. I saw people of all ages and everyone seemed to enjoy the film. When it was over it received a standing ovation from the entire theater, which as a hardcore fan made me very proud.Kudos to Micheal Bay and the rest of the crew for a truly awesome experience. I will see this one a few more times.WOW!!!!!!!
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2007-07-03 00:04:16
He's Michael Bay...
He's got the power... YEAH!

Bay's about on screen action
Exciting scenes are number one -- this is awesome

Some people needlessly talk shit
Even before they have seen it

All those guys are fools

Pearl Harbor kicked ass, that attack scene was rough
There were planes and explosions and that was enough

You've got to shoot... Shoot for the edit
When a big asteroid's loose send up Bruce with a nuclear bomb

Crash all those cars
Run in slow motion
For action there's only one way, it's got to be Bay

With Michael Bay's reputation, I know Transformers will be one
Kick ass movie
Imagine how cool it will feel when Optimus Prime tough as steel
Transforms and looks around

Forget the haters who do nothing but knock,
Like your movie with Sean the Transformers will Rock!

You've got to shoot,
Shoot for the edit

When the drug dealers run,
Have Will chase them and dodge all the cars
Drive at top speed
Blow up that hangar

You know at the end of the day, action is Bay!

His films are on fire!

I know Bay's got the touch!

Fast cars and guns, planes fighting in the sky
So for the Transformers, Bay is the perfect guy!

He's Michael Bay
He's got the power! YEAH!

Matt in NZ said,  - 2007-07-03 00:29:00
It was the best movie I heave ever seen.
Hadn't walked out of a movie so hyped, as I did when I first saw the Matrix...
You soooo wont be disappointed!
Duckie said,  - 2007-07-03 07:32:32
I saw it last night.... WOW. When it started up, I did my somewhat famous (around here, at least) Megatron impression (i.e. Frank Welker Megatron) and shouted "DIE AUTOBOT!!!" as loud as I possibly could, and a few people looked around and were like "do what?" I think that they thought it was part of the movie or something.... >_<
Then, this one dude behind me taps me on the shoulder, and says "Sir, I paid $70 to see a movie, not to hear you scream all the way through it."
But then there he was laughing and cheering all through the movie along with everyone else.. so I was like.. whatever.
But, I'm going to go see it again, naturally. I LOVED it!!!!

By the way.. the theatre was PACKED!!!!
Agent X said,  - 2007-07-03 08:52:57
Best movie ever
cant wait till the sequil
they said they are going to put the Dinobots in it
amazeing movie blackout attacking the base was craazy
amazeing movie blackout attacking the base was craazy
dgnr8con said,  - 2007-07-03 11:52:59

I have to admit I enjoyed it more then Episode 3 and I waited 20 years to see that!
Some said,  - 2007-07-03 12:52:18
It was good. Except for some parts. For example, I'll bet that they had to cut short the movie time, and so


they made it convenient for Spike to kill Megatron using the Allspark. How on Earth did Spike know that doing that would kill Megatron? And this is Megatron. He was able to survive a plunge into lava, fighting with Optimus Prime and other disasters that I don't know of. How does he die of just a hole in his chest? It's like Ultra Magnus dying by being blown apart in the 80s movie and then being put together by the Junkions.

Also, the other part I didn't like was this:

"But Jazz died, and there's no way to save him."
Optimus Prime: "We may have lost a friend, but we were able to gain new allies."

Hey. Your friend, the one who stuck with you all the while in Cybertron and Earth died, and you don't even show a bit of grief? Or sadness? No, what you do is to make a speech. I'll wagner that Optimus Prime is actually evil too, and he's going to take over the universe some way or another in the next two movies.
Scorpomike said,  - 2007-07-03 13:04:42
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I swear I seen the nose end of a jet that resembled Cybertron Soundwave. Only it was brown in color. This was towards the beginning of the movie. I'll know when I watch the movie again tomorrow.
Blasten Blaster said,  - 2007-07-03 13:26:00
Thanks alot "Some" now just slightly spoiled the movie for us who havent seen it yet.

People I am asking you on behalf Of everyone who hasnt seen the movie not to say anything about it until most of us who use this site regularly see it.
Shattered Universe Prime said,  - 2007-07-03 14:14:33
WOW, what a great pice of cinema and not the mindless trash that many movies are! This is THE movie of 2007!!!! I saw THE movie last night at the 8 pm first showing at the Cinemark in Plano with my brother, it was so good that we got back in line to get tickets for the 11:15 shoing too. My boss from work saw me standing in the line wearing my Optimus Prime shirt and said I know what movie your here to see so I asked him what he was seeing and he was going to Transformers too! Both times the theater was packed. I didn't see any kids running in fear of Megatron but then again there weren't many there. Prime's lines were great. Even though I was wanting original G1 Megatron to be played by Frank Welker Hugo Weaving got him right most of the time. The second time you see it you will understand more of what Frenzy is saying (you kinda have to listen hard to it to understand him, sorta like understanding Kenny on South Park) The transformations were very cool and the battle sequences rocked! I just wish there was more of the robot battles in the movie. I am definately gonna see it again. Of course if you read the book there have been some changes made to the movie but it was terrific! To the Dallas Morning News and Quick paper, take that B- you gave tho movie and be prepared to eat it when Transformers blows every other 'summer blockbuster' completely outta the theaters!
Star.beastwarrior said,  - 2007-07-03 19:12:08
Why can't I be 16, then I could drive to the nearest theater myself, but no I have to be 13, when the best movie in the history of the entire world comes out. Now I have to wait untill my dad decides to drive my family there. I can't wait to see the movie, if I didn't make my point clear:):):):)
Slashwing said,  - 2007-07-03 19:22:16
SOOOO ANGRYYYYYYYYYY ////////////////////// (wall collapses under slashes) T_T
megatron said,  - 2007-07-03 19:38:39
awsome movie very diffrent , dont like megatrons voice , i wish it was frank welker . but over all i give it a two thumbs up. optimus prime had alot of moving parts , also liked his matrix and energon sword when he ripped bonecrushers head off . did anyone notice brawl was named him self devastater?why ? was it a typo in the movie or did hasbro typo the action figure package .
Grumpy Transfan said,  - 2007-07-03 21:31:17
I went to the 8pm showing in Saginaw Township, MI. They had two screens open. It was nice. Fans were into it. Lots of laughing.

Three things that stood out. The classic G1 transformation when Blackout transformed. That was priceless. Megatron was the most vile monster I have ever seen. Frenzy at the computer.

Bay did a good job. I say we call out as much of the fandom to make sure this movie to the number 1 spot this weekend.

Scorpomike said,  - 2007-07-03 23:55:30
Yeah, I agree, you idiots keep your traps shut until more people have watched the movie. The only detail I said about the movie earlier was about that jet, which wasn't a big part of the movie. I had to see one of the first showings of it because I come to this site a lot, and I knew there would be dorks spoiling it. I'm zipped about movie details for at least two weeks. Oh, yeah, I can't wait for Ultimate Bumblebee and the 2008 Camaro deluxe to come out. Megatron, the original name idea for Brawl was Devastator. I'm sure it was a small detail someone overlooked and forgot to change somewhere along the line.
Scorpomike said,  - 2007-07-04 00:09:01
Check out this Frenzy test shot on Ebay. Just copy and paste. I hope they mass produce this one. They would be costing themselves a lot of money if they didn't.
Byrer prime said,  - 2007-07-04 08:45:26
I went to the seven pm showing last night. They had six screens showing the movie every half hour starting at nine am. The 6:30 was sold out, so I had to wait for the seven. It was packed, too. I loved the plot, and can't wait to talk about it after everyone has seen the movie.
Byrer prime said,  - 2007-07-04 11:44:53
Yes Scorpomike, that is Fast Action Battlers Frenzy as seen at BotCon.
Someone said,  - 2007-07-04 12:26:38
Great job Scorpomike. You can't really talk in a civil manner can't you?
Bikervegeta said,  - 2007-07-04 14:38:59
EHM, what about BARRICADE? Does he die? Does he survive? Here in Italy in the end of the movie he disappears.. Please help!!
Buildbot said,  - 2007-07-04 18:21:35
Love it. Going to see it aging in 2 weeks
I realy like the vaild inclusion of GI JOE
Soldiers are a refered to as a undesignated Special Forces
The SofS refers to them as a group where faiure is not an option
and best of all the VAMP like vehicals at the end
also on the at topic. the Militay tech that was used and refed to was all real military tech.
Cheetor2 said,  - 2007-07-04 23:14:07
I loved the movie. It Was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hat's off to Micheal Bay. I can't say enough good things about it. I was blown away. I can't wait to go see it again and again and again andm again Etc...................
Scorpomike said,  - 2007-07-05 01:34:10
Hey, the person calling themselves "Someone". If you're too chicken to identify yourself, then keep your trap shut too. I'll talk in a "civil" manner if someone isn't acting like an idiot. Or should I have said, "Please don't talk about the movie until more people have seen it, that would be really kind of you". No! Bottom line, put a lid on it until more people have seen it! Oh yeah Byrer Prime, thanks for the tip on Frenzy. Frenzy is a really cool character, I liked his role in the movie, the Frenzy that comes with Barricade just doesn't cut it for me. I want the boombox version.
Optimal_Oreo said,  - 2007-07-05 03:53:19
I felt the movie left a lot of unanswered questions. Much room left open for a sequel, hopefully very soon in the near future. This movie was quite possibly the best movie of the summer hands down. Non stop action from the first 5 min of the movie all the way to the last 5 min of the movie. If you haven't seen this movie yet then why are you reading this????? Find $10 and GO!!!!
springersfan said,  - 2007-07-05 09:29:00
I loved the movie. I am not sure but I think that three deceptacons survive (barracade, scorpokico, and starscream) so that if they do a sequeal these (I know starscream will) will show up. it is to bad that frenzy dies for he is my favortie deceptacon. he was just so funny, walking around half mad. I hope that if they do a sequel that sound wave is in it and he has his "cassettes" trasnformers like lazerbeak and rumble. it would be nice to see frenzy come back but I don't see how that could happen. just got to say that there better be a sequeal. they can't leave us fans hanging on our seats with a ending that almost says that there will be a possible sequeal. this has got to be one of the best movies of all time. go and see the movie, heck go see it five times. I know I am going to try to :)
Duckie said,  - 2007-07-05 09:54:17
I'm with everyone else in the not spoiling the movie. I mean, yeah, certain websites have had the entire plot of the movie up since the book was available; but that doesn't mean that you jerks have to talk about it and ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet.
Granted, my talking about it with several people at work, even mentioning a few scenes here and there, but trying to avoid most of the plot details has actually gotten people to go and see it; but still. Don't give the movie away to people. That actually keeps them from seeing the film.
In case you haven't seen the commercial, Blockbuster has one comparing them to Netflix where a man and a woman get movies in the mail and one of their neighbors walks up and says "did you get movies?" Then he proceeds to tell them the plots of the movies.
Long story short, the woman returns the movies at Blockbuster and gets new ones and avoids the man telling her about those ones and gets to watch new ones; while the other man had to wait for his movies to be sent to Netflix and his next movies to be sent to him.

oops. Did I just spoil the commercial for you? Now you know how it feels.

Payback sucks, doesn't it?
fireman139 said,  - 2007-07-05 13:57:06
well to answer the question will there be a sequel ...BAY has already said there will be 3 movies and the 2nd has already been greenlited.....and in the 2nd one ...he wants to put the Construtcons and Dino-bots in. This is all confrimed..from several sources...
chaos bringer said,  - 2007-07-06 09:49:33
I REALLY hope they put Unicron or Galvatron in the second or third movie.
Star.beastwarrior said,  - 2007-07-06 19:42:28
This was the best movie in the history of man-kind, oh and could someone set a date, like the 15th, so we could all actually talk about what happened in the movie?
Aethril said,  - 2007-07-07 23:43:57
The book (based off the screen play) explains what happens to Barricade and Starscream but the movie seemed to have left out their grand finale.
Hoodimus Prime said,  - 2007-07-08 15:35:03
I'll start off by saying that I've heard rumors the sequel involves constructicons coming to earth to deactivate Prime for killing off Bonecrusher who was one of their own and the combination will not be Devastator but ethier Menasor or Bruticus or a new name and there will be 2 Dinobots with of course Grimlock being one and my favorite rumor Prowl (my favorite Autobot) who is Prime's second in command coming to earth with the rest of the hiding Autobots Prime sends his transmission to. My theory is now if this is true that is Prowl headed up his own team of Autobots when searching for the Allspark and well got lost or stranded and use Prime's signal to find their way to earth

saw it again and maybe it's just me but the movie lost it's charm still funny and still the transformations are mindblowingly great but the climatic battle at the end seemed a little too much random violence nothing seemed stylized and a way to boost cgi we have come to an age and to quote roger ebert "CGI should be used as a topping and not the whole pizza". but it is still a lot better than Spider-man 3

Also there was a lot of product placement which seemed that this movie was a 144 min ad for GM Pepsi and Hasbro but not for Transformers but Furby and My little Pony in my opnion was there to jab at critics and bashers for the remarks that the old cartoon was nothing more than product placement for the toyline an Xbox 360 Caddilac Escalade and a Mountain Dew machine come to life yeah that was in the original script but very funny none the least.

overall 2 3/4 to 3 stars highly reccomended for anyone hoping to recapture their inner child and any TF fan in general but not for kids 9 years and below
fireman139 said,  - 2007-07-09 11:30:40
ok lets kill the Rumors...and make them facts...those of u that went out and bought the movie/ comics will see a interview with Mr. Bay in the back 3 pages.... in it he says ...that the NEXT ONE WILL!!!!!! have SOUNDWAVE, the CONSTRUTCONS and the DINO-BOTS. and he figures out a way to make soundwave work with out being dumb and not making sence. as for what the 2nd one will be about ....nothing has been pened yet.
the PROWL thing is out because he already did a police car ( quote from BAY also). Thats why Prowl was cut from the first one ( or turned into a bad guy so to speak).
Hoodimus Prime said,  - 2007-07-09 16:43:58
Prowl could still be used he just won't be a police car hey the new animated show coming out next year has Prowl as a motorcycle type vehicle or Prowl could be an undercover car with the lights in the grill there is plenty of ways that Prowl could be shaped and molded for the movie Prowl is the most recognized Transformers besides Prime and Megs and there has been a Prowl in nearly every incarnation of the character

The whole Bonecrusher as a constructicon bit well on the official website in his bio it labels him as a constructicon or maybe it was
Autobutt said,  - 2007-07-10 11:15:19
ther cant be the construcicons bcuz some of the names were already used
JetFire said,  - 2007-07-11 10:15:38
I saw it last night it was funny and good but we hardly new anything about the transformer characters, ecspecially the decepticcons
sean said,  - 2007-07-11 18:48:10
omg. thats all i can say. well worth waiting 19 years.
Mighty_Maximal said,  - 2007-07-12 05:39:07
So is there going to be an offical site review of this movie then ?
Bellprime said,  - 2007-07-14 20:49:30
This movie was the Most Awesome Movie Ever! Optimus Prime was my favorite character of all. Megatron looked like a living ice cream sundae in robot form. Too bad about Jazz being torn apart. Will they bring him back in Transformers 2? A G1 colored Jazz is coming out in toy form. I hope they do. What about Megatron?
chaos bringer said,  - 2007-07-15 17:09:39
I saw the movie, a week ago. it was amazing! Some parts were hilarious. Some fights are hard to follow. I have to see it again. It is really funny how Frenzy dies. Megatron could have had a better death. I bet he comes back. Maybe as Galvatron.
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