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Lilformers, big Appetites!

Posted by:
TriPredRavage at 2007-08-20 9:49 am
Hey everybody, I just wanted to point you all in the direction of Matt Moylan's Lilformers.  This week's comic features some of our favorite planet devourers!  Also, be sure to go through the archive if you've never been; the comics are sure to give you a laugh or two.  Happy viewing everybody.

Starscream said,  - 2007-08-20 10:01:12
Funny funny funny. They should make a mega morpher Galactus.
bumbleprime said,  - 2007-08-20 11:15:54
nice idea starscream. if they did I would without a doubt buy it.
deceptifan said,  - 2007-08-20 14:01:07
Autobutt said,  - 2007-08-20 16:13:18
Bea Arthur! said,  - 2007-08-20 16:35:47
HAHA! o man i remember these guys! i showed all my trans friends and they thought it was awesome!

i used to have this awesome desktop that the lilformers guys made of optimus answering fan mail! i love this stuff
TriPredRavage said,  - 2007-08-20 18:13:49
Wait, Bea, I think I know the comic you're talking about and I was pretty sure he was complaining about the movie designs.
Jumpercliff said,  - 2007-08-20 19:29:27
I just took a look at that, and that would make a good Family Guy flashback. What do you guys think?
Slashwing said,  - 2007-08-21 07:59:35
Matt Moylan never ceases to bring us Grade A TF comic stuff I hope he keeps doing this for years to come.
JAZZ SAID said,  - 2007-08-22 01:17:36
megagalvacron said,  - 2007-08-22 19:24:45
I am sorry to report, (off topic) that the Transformers movie is becoming ripped off. The Asylum, a company famous for rip offs has released "Transmorphers". it is evil! all the "morph" into are walking tanks, there also no Autobotesque good guys, just Decepticon baddies who shoot stuff up, it's pure garbage avoid at all costs!
pooper said,  - 2007-11-24 21:27:06
you suck man
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