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Transformers line expands

Posted by:
Knightwing at 2007-02-19 4:54 pm

In a recent interview a Hasbro rep said that Hasbro would be focusing on core lines including Transformers insted of licened toys.  You can read the full article here

Perceptor said,  - 2007-02-19 19:10:35
Kind of a funny comment considering the fact that there'll be more licensed Transformers things (towels, cups, bed sheets, watches, shirts.... than EVER before.)
Knight wing said,  - 2007-02-19 20:44:23
I hadn't thought of that. But, I assume he ment more along the lines of more Titianiums, more Classics, and maybe even a "Heros" line.
Brian said,  - 2007-02-20 07:37:24
I'm sure he means fewer brands that /Hasbro/ licenses from /other/ companies. Hasbro doesn't license Transformers from anyone like they do Star Wars, Spider-Man, etc.
Perceptor said,  - 2007-02-20 12:42:34
I know what the Hasbro guy means. Just commenting on the irony.
You know my philosophy, More Transformers stuff = more good!
samir said,  - 2007-02-22 09:21:47
IRONMANIC said,  - 2007-03-01 18:35:31
The better our transformer toy company, (Hasbro), is at making our Transformer toys (by putting the time and care into them), THE BETTER!!!
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