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Toyfair videos of Ultimate Bumblebee!

Posted by:
Jason at 2007-02-26 9:36 am   (site update)
I was hoping to have the character page completed before posting this, but seeing 1 of our 2 videos has been spotted on youtube already. Make sure you check out our exclusive videos of Ultimate Bumblebee's animatronic robot mode features. Don't miss them here and here. Check back very soon as his character page will have some extra goodies to see as well!

Black Arachnia said,  - 2007-03-14 20:59:58
All i know is that i need to get my hands on that big Bumblebee toy! If i don't have a toy that plays "whip it" i may slit my throat with a saltine cracker from a coffee shop! What would make this toy even better is if it plays Meatloaf's "I'll do anything for love!", oh shit watch out that toy will fly off the shelves if it spits out Meatloaf!! TRANSFORMERS FOREVER
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