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Bad news for Tomy, Transformers contests, Offical count

Posted by:
Knightwing at 2007-09-05 6:16 pm
It appears that Tomy isn't doing as well as we would all like them to.  Part of the problem is the current lead paint scare another one is the aging population of Japan.  There just aren't that many children in Japan and projections into the future show there to be even less by 2030.  There is some good news for collectors though.  Tomy is looking to market more to adult collectors.  You can read the full article at Business Week.

ENI ( has the offical press release for the Transformers movie DVD release.  I know Human Error already mentioned this the release date and extras info.  This is to draw attention to the contest section (about half way down) of the press release.  It appears that several companies are going to be taking part in helping roll out TF on DVD.  Chevy wil be giving away '08 Bumblebee Camaros and Hostess will be giving away many home eletronics including 50" plasma tvs.

Since people requested it, I'll do the offical count of Transfromers here.  In case some of you didn't read it, I posted a blog about the problems encountered when trying to count your TF collection.  For the purposes of this contest we'll do a "count everything" method.  This isn't the way I count them personally, but it seems like the least contenous way of counting.  Here are the simple rules.
1:  Any Transformers figure counts.  This includes doubles (if you bought it twice you can count it twice) and recognizable knock offs, as well as "Happy Meal" toys.
2:  It doesn't NEED to transform to count.  What I mean is 3" Titaniums count as well as things like Botcon Vector Sigma.  As long as it is a known figure/entity in the TF multi-verse.
3:  Customs/kitbashes count.  As long as they are basicly whole they count even if they aren't quite finised.
4:  Combined forms count.  G1 constructicons count as 6, if you have all the connecting peices to make Devastator it counts as 1 also for a total of 7.
5:  Memoriblia and other non-figures do not count.  Sorry, the Prime voice changer helmet doesn't count.  Neither do the insignia throw pillows or my Blaster/Soundwave DJ spinoff poster.
6:  Only figures you actually have count.  The 8 figures I have comming in the mail from BBTS don't count until they are in my house and on a shelf.

By this method of counting I have 318 figures.  Including almost 60 different versions of Optimus Prime/Primal/Convoy.  Prime/Primal/Convoy & Megatron/Galvatron are the basis of my collection.  I try to limit myself to them and those with whom they combine.  I still end up buying many other figures though.

lord megatronG1 said,  - 2007-09-06 08:48:30
well then I own about 178 figs including minicons.
skullcruncher prime said,  - 2007-09-06 09:57:03
hmm,i believe i have about {at last count} 350,since buying a lot of beast wars i did not have and movie toys,i have not counted,remodeling my condo has put my collection away for the moment,an accuurate count will ensue after that
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-09-06 15:18:33
I will have to count all of my stuff this way but I have alot I'm sure and might be too lazy. Just to give you an idea I've been collecting since they came out and haven't gotten rid of any figs since I started so I'm up pretty high now. Only have about 20 primes though :<. Since we are counting non transformables I will have to up it some, right now at a guess I'd say I have about 500 though. Pretty much all of cybertron and classics most of movie line and energon some armada and some g1 and g2. Only one BW heh.
Chaos Bringer said,  - 2007-09-06 16:11:53
I guess Japan won't be bringing in Go-bots Animated.
Now its Hasbro's turn to notice that we are the only ones buying Transformers anymore.
cyberwuss said,  - 2007-09-06 16:59:31
Well I'm too lazy to count all the ones I have but I went browsing's photos of them and marked down all the ones I am absolutely certain I still have and the number came out to 335. So maybe I don't quite have 500 yet just hoping. I probably added alot because of being mixed up with comics and other things that aren't actual figures.
David "The Last Autobot" said,  - 2007-09-07 23:12:55
*Counting* Nearly a Thousand Tfs.

So there will be less children in Japan as time goes by, mmmmmmm. So Takaratomy should continue/start focusing in the guys with children souls!! (Like us!)

See ya!
Darth Servo said,  - 2007-09-12 20:52:39
I'm going on roughly ~1800
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