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Crome Movie Prime

Posted by:
Knightwing at 2007-08-30 8:07 pm

While generally I'm not a big fan of repaints, this is one I want.  Unfortuantly there were only 2 made, and James Zahn has them both.  He won a G4TV & Jumpcut sponsered contest with a grand prize of two cromed out Movie Leader Primes.  You get more info at  Read their post and view James winning Youtube entry here.  View a mini gallery here.

Starscream said,  - 2007-08-30 20:38:27
Hey every one, on a recent news item I made a comment asking how old you fans are in age, tell me your age and I'll tell you my age.
megatron said,  - 2007-08-30 20:48:32
33 ,and you ?
Starscream said,  - 2007-08-30 20:49:41
Um, 12.......... Really.
T-Wreckx said,  - 2007-08-30 23:55:01
I'm 30.
Perceptor said,  - 2007-08-31 00:54:01
Interesting question and even more interesting answers. I'm 34. (Tho not relevant to the news item!)

That video is "ROTFLOL".
I only know ROTFLOL from this youtube clip which is the greatest music video of all time:
Whatdya know. That *IS* my car!!!! and all my action figures *are* cherry! :)

BTW, if people haven't found leader class Brawl yet, they need to (and buy it promptly). That toy is freakin' awesome!!!!
Master Dex said,  - 2007-08-31 01:31:37
I answered the age one in the other topic but for simplicity, I have copied it below exactly as said there.

"Not that I can compete with the older crowd, but I can be just as geeky (not a bad thing). I'm 18, in college now (a geek school as it were/Aeronautical University), no relationships or offspring (no one should have thought so), and no vehicles at all. How sad for me.

That's me in a basic sized nutshell. In correspondence with others, I can only hope that any future wife of mine would not only tolerate Transformers and all my sci-fi interests, but like it too."

That is one crazy chrome bot, and it G1 colors, this guy better be feeling good.
Humanerror said,  - 2007-08-31 03:10:40
That Prime Rocks!

Starscream im 24, i live in New Jersey. I work for UPS, i also work for a courier company And i moonlight as an effects artist. you can see some of my work here with this shameless plug

I have no kids and drive this:

off subject i just had a thought. wouldnt it be cool if they made a whole comic book series based within the movie universe? kinda like they did with the past cartoons. anyway i thing it would be cool
Knight wing said,  - 2007-08-31 05:23:13
32, garbage man, two kids 5 & 2, happily married, house in the burbs, a mini-van & Stratus.

Back to the news item, I'm very sad. Even if this guy decides to sell these two later in life, I won't end up with one. They will sell for far more than I'd likly pay. :(
convoy said,  - 2007-08-31 05:59:09
Hmmm, for some reason it doesn't suprise me that you're 12 starscream.

But on topic, yea, that Optimus is pretty awesome.
Starscream said,  - 2007-08-31 08:19:37
Hmmmmmmmmm..... Well, like you all know by now I'm 12, my older brother makes fun of me for liking transformers, and I live in NY (Not the city). And I just got leader Brawl. Lucky me.
JetFire said,  - 2007-08-31 09:29:03
Im 13
megatron said,  - 2007-08-31 10:04:07
knightwing , i also wish i had those chrome primes .where was this contest held and will they have another one for a chrome megatron.that would be awsome . i like how they added the silver stripe like the g1 .most repaints you see that are painted g1 style dont have stripes .this ones a master piece. i wonder if there numbered 1 and 2
megagalvacron said,  - 2007-08-31 11:05:27
hey has anyone responded to my warning regarding that god awful remake TransMorphers movie by Asylum?
megagalvacron said,  - 2007-08-31 11:08:32
also i'm 13. but seriously avoid that TransMorphers movie! it has characters named Deathtron in it it makes no sense!
Chaos Bringer said,  - 2007-08-31 17:35:54
I didn't know leader Brawl was hard to find. So basically Hasbro made and sold millions of leader prime, none of leader Megs, and a few Brawls. Why does Hasbro suck at life?
Starscream said,  - 2007-08-31 18:48:27
I see leader Megatron all the time!
Chaos Bringer said,  - 2007-09-01 09:58:12
No you're not. It's probably a weather balloon, or swamp gas! :P
There is no such thing as a Leader Class Megatron.
Starscream said,  - 2007-09-01 18:16:39
Um Chaos Bringer, where do you live? I see all 3 leaders.
megatron said,  - 2007-09-02 01:28:51
i have two laeder class megatrons.
Chaos Bringer. said,  - 2007-09-02 09:08:16
I live in Florida. There are so few trans-fans here that Hasbro doesn't know that any exist at all. I checked again and again and again for a Megatron untill I finally asked the manager if they were keeping any in the back. They had none. I found Megatron's number so they could check to see if they would be getting any new stocks of it. Nope. They weren't scheduled to get any, nor was the warehouse itself.
Stores didn't order enough TFs because they have no confidence in the line. A/E/C permanently damaged the line's reputation. Animated is our last hope (We're all gonna die!) for reviving the franchise. If it does well, stores will regain their confidence in the franchise and start stocking Transformers again. If Animated fails, stores might give up and just stop stocking Transformers at all. Animated is our last hope....

No... there is another...
Starscream said,  - 2007-09-02 09:44:58
I live in New York. I see leaders but no deluxes.
Black Starscream said,  - 2007-09-02 21:38:14
Alright sevaral answers.
Agewise I'm 15, and so obbsessed I bought a black starscream for 95 bucks and a remake back prime for 85$. Most people are aware of this by now because i obsessivly make TF drawings whenever i'm bored.
For leader class megatron i happen to own one that i found at target along with a bunch of others. On a side note its always funny how when your trying to find a certain TF thats being retailed you find like fifty auctions for it on Ebay and find yourself thinking "Why you and not me?"
Anyway chrome prime is pimped out man. It's kinda similar in idea though to Takara's lucky draws.
skullcruncher prime said,  - 2007-09-03 04:49:32
37 here been collecting transformers longer than black starscream has been alive ..... actually fanboy obsessed have 2 brawls by the way
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