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Posted by:
TriPredRavage at 2007-05-17 3:22 am
More info about The Transformers: Beast Wars; The Ascending just hit the net.  We get a quick plot summary which answers the questions of what happened to Magmatron and what's going on with the gathered groups.  Also, we see an awesome cover of Leo Prime/Lio Convoy and Razorbeast.  It should also be noted that the advertisement lists the name as Lio Convoy. 

So I'd like to open this up for discussion.  What is/was your least favorite name for a Transformer of any series, Japanese, English, or otherwise?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to be really ticked if he isn't called Leo Prime.  Mostly because I'd just prefer we stick with Prime instead of Convoy.  I mean, hey, if we're going to start using some of the characters' Japanese names, we might as well just use all of them. You know, Razorbeast becomes Randy and Snarl becomes Tasmanian Kid, and all of the other just God aweful names that I know the Japanese Beast Wars characters had. I could understand if they made some sort of a reference, such as Snarl saying, "I'm the Tasmanian Kid!" or something, but I don't want to actually see it be his name.   I really hope that they use Leo Prime over Lio Convoy, though.  That and I really want a western name for Big Convoy instead of just settling for that terrible name.

Michael010188 said,  - 2007-05-17 08:58:16
I agree that they should use English transformer names instead of the japanese, because it makes more sense, but I think there should be a Godzilla Prime.

Ha ha ha ha...

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