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"Generation 2" DVDs

Posted by:
TriPredRavage at 2007-01-18 11:27 am
Alright everybody, I need some help.  The Japanese series Headmasters, Masterforce and Victory have come up a lot lately.  So I popped on over to eBay and searched the series.  What I find is a lot of "Transformers G2 Headmasters/Masterforce/Victory 30 DVD."  There are TONS of them.  From what I gather, they are Chinese DVDs and do have English language dubs which I've heard about before.  Something like Takara dubbed the three series in english, but they were really bad.  What I want to know is, are these DVDs legit?  Any input out there?  Let us know.  Thanks everybody.

SAV said,  - 2007-01-18 14:53:40
Yes I mentioned this early on. The Dub is worth watching with the sound off. With the release of the TF scramble City episode as a feature on the movie, we might get some good dub stuff from Sony. Did some body post an article about this a month ago on this site. I found an old article about Rhino saying they were tryign to get it done. But does Sony now own the rights to the toons. I saw an ad on the movie the original G! coming 2007. Does that mena we will get some good box sets. Lets face it those made by Rhino sucked. Compare those with the ones relleased in the UK. The ones in the UK look like they had some heart put into it. The 20thA movie looked amazing and was well done. The plots and animation of the JP series were good and ok but find a friend to burn you a copy DO NOT SPEND THE MONEY. Maybe Hasbro will read this and say hey lets authorise that.
FortMax said,  - 2007-01-18 15:50:06
The dubs, recorded by some Malaysian studio, are notoriously bad. Spike is called "Sparkle", Blaster is "Billy", Twincast is "Blaster", the Trainbots are all "Grimlock", and the Matrix and energon cubes are both "power packs". About the only thing the dubs are good for is a drinking game.

If you want to get good versions of those shows, pick up Metrodome's boxed sets, which are subtitled (and Headmasters also has the dub). Victory and Masterforce are Reeigon 2, and all three are in PAL format, so you'll need a multi-region DVD player. I have the Phillips DVP 642/37, which will set you back about $100 at Target. It has progressive scan, can convert PAL signals to NTSC, and has a nice way to make the player region free:

1. Turn on the player.
2. Open the tray.
3. Press the following sequence on the remote:
7 8 9 OK 0
4. The number 0 will appear on the lower left side of your screen.
5. Your player is now region free! Put in a DVD and enjoy!

It plays my Region 1 discs, my Headmasters and TFTM Reconstructed (both region 0), and my RID discs (region 2) just fine.
Bass X0 said,  - 2007-01-18 18:32:51
I live in the U.K. and was once ripped off by a seller - i believe i was bidding on and paying for the PAL box set of Masterforce however what i recieved was poor quality VCDs of the Star TV dub.

If you're buying off ebay, make sure you are actually getting something legit (or if not, incredibly cheap then) before bidding.
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