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More Movie toys out in UK.

Posted by:
Mighty Maximal at 2007-06-14 4:13 pm
UK store ARGOS now has in stock in stores the Leaderclass Transformers Movie toys and Woolworths now has Bumblebee & Barricade Cyberslammers & the following Real Gear's : The Binoculars 'Longview', The Digital Camera 'Spy Shot 6', the Mobile Phone 'Speed Dial 800' & the Videogame handheld 'Power Up VT6'.

Both Argos and Woolworths stores currently have Buy One get One half Price on many Transformers toys.

Including the Leaders and The 10th Anniversary Optimus in Argos which ends on the 19th June and the various size classes they have in Woolworths as well as things like the Big Rig Blaster, CyberStompers and Voice Changer helmet in Woolworths offer end date unknown.

I spoke to a Hasbro rep about the movie line especially about the curious absense of the regular Deluxes in UK stores and was told that they have been sent to some stores and that that Have "Thousands" or orders for them and they should be shipping soon most items will be available between now and the end of June including the 2nd wave of Fast Action Battlers Jazz, Ratchet & Barricade.

Interestingly it looks like Wreckage will see UK release in the First wave and he won't get skipped over.

And it might be a little delay before Ironhide and Starscream appear in UK stores but they should definately be out by the end of July at the latest - possibly before.

With some items like the later Real Gear Robots, Ultimate Bumblebee being and things like the next two waves of Legends scale toys being available in July and September.

The first UK wave of Movie Legends toys consists of Bumblebee, Barricade, Ratchet & Jazz, The second consists of Bumblebee, Barricade, Optimus & Megatron. and the third wave is Optimus, Megatron, Blackout & Starscream.

I hope this is of some help.

blasenblaster said,  - 2007-06-16 14:11:27
i went to and i found movie dropick that transforms into a pickup truck. ifound him on s109s website see him here
Mighty_Maximal said,  - 2007-06-17 08:34:36
The Movie Leaders are starting to go out of stock in UK argos stores and the offer is over soon on the 19th - so check your local Argos store for details.

If you have an option of buying in an Argos Extra store they in general maintain more stock of the items where as most regular Argos only have a single unit -making it tricky to take full advantage of the Buy One get one Half price offer with 2 leaders..

basten baster said,  - 2007-06-19 11:51:56
mighty maximal don't forget the movie toys not leader class megatron is in the usa
transformerslover said,  - 2007-06-20 17:14:21
at i found cyber slamers autobot ratchet that turns into a h2 hummer chech him out here
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