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Blog: Transformers Movie, thoughts and results

Posted by:
Perceptor at 2007-10-01 8:40 am
Finally got out to see Transformers at IMAX this weekend.  What a treat!  This got me wondering how the film was doing at the box office. I found the following summaries at the very interesting site, boxoffice mojo, which reports the following for Transformers:
* #97 all-time highest domestic grossing film, adjusted for inflation, as a frame of reference, Gone with the Wind is #1 in this category w/ an adjusted gross of 1.3 Billion.
* #20 in all-time highest domestic gross, beating out other (IMHO) great films such as Lord of the Rings (Fellowship), Return of the Jedi, and all Harry Potter films except Sorcerer's Stone.
* #28 all time world wide gross, at 697Million!
* #2 all-time highest grossing movie that opened on 4th of July, behind only Spider-Man2 and ahead of Superman Returns, MIB2, and War of the Worlds
* #7 all-time highest in 7-day opening week gross
* and finally, Transformers is the #3 highest grosing film of 2007!  Very cool!

Unfortunately, Transformers hasn't yet broke the top 50 films seen at IMAX.  (So c'mon people!)  While I had read a few negative reviews of the added IMAX scenes, I want to say that I loved them.  In particular, there's one scene in the original theatrical verison of the film that bugged me.   When Agent Simmons says to Sam of Mikkela, "She's a criminal, criminals are HOT!"  It seemed so bizarrely out of place in the midst of that scene... The IMAX version included one tiny extra bit of dialog, "...Criminals are hot, so I understand the attraction..."  Which makes that bizarre piece of dialog make sense!  In other words, I understand why you'd be attracted to her, but you need to tell me your alien secrets...   I hope they include this insertion to the DVD version.  It adds less than a few seconds and makes that conversation make sense.

Yeah, I could've lived w/o the scene where Capt. Lennox sweet-talks the pawn shop owner, but overall, I really enjoyed added scenes.  Of course seeing Transformers, loud (as my ears could handle!) with good levels (not too loud base which I observed in some theaters where the music overpowered dialog) and LARGE, in 3-story tall glory... was absolutely AWESOME! 

If you haven't made it to an IMAX, I highly recommend the experience.  If you already have, what did you think of the IMAX version of Transformers?

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Master Dex said,  - 2007-10-01 11:15:29
I have seen the IMAX, I too thought it was great, although I was hoping the extra footage would be robot related, I was still ok with it. It was some stuff that made more sense (and some of it was in the book now that I remember).
Jumpercliff said,  - 2007-10-01 18:04:23
Hope I have the same opinion, 'cause I'm seeing it tomarrow.
Knightwing said,  - 2007-10-01 18:12:06
I'm verry happy to hear how Transformers has done in the historical box office. It is infact a pretty big feet for a fanboy movie. :)
deceptifan said,  - 2007-10-01 19:16:56
Never seen it in IMAX.
Perceptor said,  - 2007-10-01 23:00:48
Well go on then Deceptifan, getta move on! It won't be available in its eardrum splitting, 3-story tall glory format for long!
cyclones said,  - 2007-10-02 17:18:06
man the movie ruls i love it i hope to see number 2 in 2009
Wouldntulike2know said,  - 2008-01-04 14:01:57
Hey Perceptor! Do u no when the toy comes out?
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