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Anonymous at 2004-03-19 7:17 am   (site update)
A couple page improvements are in the works. It is our intent to further *unite & tie-together* the various sections of our site. Now when you visit an area of the sightings or review section, the box picture (assuming we have one) will appear on the top of each page. This is phase 1 and examples include most of the reviews for 2004 toys like Treadbolt, Rapidrun, Landmine, Megatron and others... We hope this will avoid confusion of reporting a toy sightings for 20th Aniversary Optimus Prime versus Energon Optimus Prime, TFU King Atlas, Ruination, or upcoming figures like Energon Omega Supreme... Phase 2 is next, where each boxpic will be a link to that individual's character page, (from the review/sighting page) which has not been implemented yet, but will be as more pages get built. Wait'll ya see phases 3 & 4! :) Good times ahead...

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