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Posted by:
Anonymous at 2004-10-23 6:55 pm
Based on various news postings, on various TF websites, it appears safe to say:
Micron Legend is to TF: Armada; just as
Super Link is to TF: Energon; just as...
"Galaxy Force" is to "TF: Cybertron!" The next generation of Transformers coming in early 2005. All sorts of news postings can be spotted. If you haven't see them already here are a few highlights:
courtesy of transfandom:
a translated press release with info and character profiles of 'Galaxy Force.'
courtesy of tformers
pix of the (presumably) Cybertron Optimus Prime
a comprehensive list of Galaxy Force characters! WOW!!
Courtesy of
pictures of TF Cybertron Starscream.
a TREMENDOUS photo gallery of "images from Takara's Booth at the Transformers Innovation Event." All we can say is wow. Absolutely amazing. What a pletheora of TF sneak peeks we're can access thanks to the 'fandom' of Transformers fans and fellow fan sites.

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