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Anonymous at 2004-10-31 7:23 pm
Check out this news! Straight from Don Murphy, one of the producers of the upcoming big budget live-action Transformers Movie:
"We have a screenwriter that we are all very excited about. He fits all my dream parameters- he knows the mythology, is very POP in his writing, is the right age (20s) and shops at my comic book shop regularly so I know him at least a little bit. The deal is being ironed out as we speak so I cannot say more- but with him involved we can stay on target for Summer 06 and create an amazing fun film. More as it happens."

Wow fits my "dream parameters" too! >>>Knows the mythology!!!<<< Hopefully, more like late 20's so he grew up w/ the original shows and toys the same time frame that I did! AWE-YEA! Summer 2006 cannot come too soon for me!

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