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Anonymous at 2005-09-24 10:32 pm
* tfw2005 reports that there will be a "gap line" to exist between Cybertron and the live action movie, it will be, (gasp!) The Return of G1! Check out THIS POSTING for details. Megatron as a gun?! Sounds almost unbelievable...! wow.
* too cool for words! Allspark gallery shows pictures of 10th anniversary BW figures and TRANSMUTATE! Gallery is HERE... WOW!
* Check out transfandom's report from the Hasbro new product panel/review, Cybertron, Alternators and more... including a deluxe size UNICRON ?!?! Someone who was there, please e-mail us and tell us your impressions of this!
Transfandom's quote, "Unicron - Deluxe size. Transforms into futuristic tank. major character in Convention comic series"
Tformers describes the figure, "Unicron Deluxe; NEW MOLD. Futuristic Tank version. Cannon over right shoulder. Unicron will be rebirthed at the closing of the Black hole in concept of: "You can't have good without evil." Matrix type hole in chest."
Also new Tformers gallery w/ other never before seen Cybertron figures like Quickmix and Menasor and Alternator Mirage...

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