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Anonymous at 2002-08-29 8:42 am
* Real, confirmed sightings of Armada Optimus Prime are coming in! Check 'em out! (& be sure to add your listing, if you've found one!)
* Alright! The Armada #2 comic is in stores now!
* Smokescreen will be the next Takara G1 re-issue (#5 after Jazz, Prowl, Skids, Tracks)
* Due to popular demand, the Armada#2 comic has been added to the Review Section. Also, we're looking forward to seeing some real reviews for Armada Prime (FYI: we will continue to remove reviews w/ inappropriate language/topics, those that read like message board talk or those written by fans who don't have the toy. We're looking for thoughtful, constructive opinions based on the actual item, not opinions based on pix seen on the net!)

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